Dynamic Questionnaire Built on Power Apps for a Research Provider

Dynamic Questionnaire based on Microsoft Power Apps for Research Service Provider

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About the Customer:

Our client is a leading European company that provides testing services and certification procedures, with field audits as one of its key business processes.

Business Challenge

Due to the specifics of the company’s operation, its employees spend a lot of their working time in the field performing audits and inspections. Previously, the company’s field workers used the InfoPath forms for collecting information and recording the results of audits. However, outdated legacy systems were no longer meeting the new technological standards, were lacking mobility, and couldn’t sync data in offline mode.

The client approached Infopulse with the goal of creating a modern client for audits based on Microsoft Power Apps that would be agile, scalable, and easy-to-access anytime and anywhere without an Internet connection.

Dynamic Questionnaire based on Microsoft Power Apps for Research Service Provider - Case Image


In the course of just 2 months, the Infopulse team has developed a customized inspection management solution based on the Microsoft Power Apps platform.

  • A mobile application for field workers based on Power Apps Canvas with offline access to information at all times
  • New type of the questionnaire builder built on Microsoft Power Apps with advanced structure and business rules
  • Advanced questionnaire rendering with PCF and React
  • Intelligent Microsoft Azure integration to connect the on-premise legacy system with the model-driven application for questionnaires

Users can now easily switch between active inspections, while questionnaire models are automatically pulled in from the company server, sorted according to the question hierarchy rules, and discreetly deployed, tailored for a specific customer and inspection requirements. As a result, our client received an efficient solution with advanced mobile features and UI components, convenient offline access to vast volumes of data, and automated error-free data entry.


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Business Value

A mobile, dynamic, and optimized solution built with modern Microsoft technologies helped the client’s field workers streamline work processes, save time during audits and inspections, and reduce the number of incorrect data entries and errors during audit procedures. By utilizing a customized model-driven application for questionnaires based on Microsoft Power Apps and integrated with the back-end, the client’s employees can now perform audits faster and efficiently with a dynamic interface, offline mode, and secure data management.

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