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About the Customer:

One of the Europe’s leading crop breeders and seed producers, RAGT Semences supplies agricultural businesses with 200+ varieties of seeds across 26 species, as well as supplementary products. With a century of history, RAGT provides advice and consulting services in terms of technical, CAP and environmental stakes, and assists farms in presale-, engagement and sales activities. RAGT has a network of 18 subsidiaries, covering the needs of 85 % of agricultural land in Europe. The company conducts own research and development activities, providing their clients with demos of seeds hybrids and ensuring the full cycle of seeds production, logistics, research, and reporting.

Business Challenge

In order to drive business scalability, RAGT wanted to move their client management processes to a modern CRM solution. Legacy tools and scarce reporting resulted in ineffective data management, lack of insights, and didn’t allow building a customer database. Without proper CRM, the business growth of RAGT lacked momentum. The CRM had to support data and case management based on numerous agriculture-specific parameters, thus requiring a substantial rework of the classic CRM model.

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Infopulse extended standard CRM features and created a specialized multi-faceted end-to-end CRM solution for agricultural business based on the state-of-the-art Microsoft platform.

  • Core Online CRM solution provides a full-scale client database for customer profile and client relations management. Numerous uncommon functions were added to the standard functionality of CRM in order to fully cover the agricultural aspect of RAGT business:
    • Allows managing and filtering client profiles based on various parameters, including location, geographical placement, the humidity of the region, the size of the field, type and specifics of soil, preferred sorts of crops and brands, crops yield, etc.;
    • Close collaboration with the customer resulted in producing an accurate and effective agricultural model for CRM. This engagement was instrumental in helping our customer learn numerous technical aspects of solution development and get a better understanding of system scalability and customization potential;
    • Provides access to the detailed product catalogue (corn, sunflowers, wheat, soya, etc.);
    • Reporting on sales activities and volumes of sales, distribution of hybrids, etc.;
    • Added capabilities for marketing activities, including events management and distribution of promo materials;
    • Supports sharing of Office 365 and PDF documents, as well as other SharePoint media content.
  • Mobile CRM. Since some areas of the country may lack network connection, together with our partner Resco we developed a mobile CRM solution for RAGT sales specialists and field consultants, making CRM functionality available offline on the go:
    • Numerous CRM functions are available offline, providing detailed information on hybrids, marketing data, results of researches, reports, etc. Whenever an online connection is present, the required portion of data can be downloaded to a handheld device allowing for subsequent autonomous access;
    • Improves sales activities by providing quick access to the detailed information on RAGT products as well as relevant marketing and R&D data: detailed catalogue of seeds hybrids with multimedia materials and documentation with extra technical and methodological data;
    • Improved recommendations on crops bedding placement and volume planning, based on relevant reports, which account for the specifics of the region, soil types, etc.;
    • Supports data mapping, allowing to quickly locate a field, plan a route, and find a certain plant on a specific spot of the field based on its GPS coordinates in offline mode;
    • Improved process of hybrids management by providing ability to quickly collect digitalized data for tracking crops lifecycle and growth progression, analysis of soil productivity, etc., with reminders for intermittent monitoring;
    • Supports creation of quick reports and analytics;
    • Integrated delayed synchronization and upload to the core CRM server upon restoring the online connection.
  • Warehouse Management Solution unified logistics, warehouse management and sales components within RAGT CRM system, vastly increasing the effectiveness of RAGT warehouse management processes. This solution produces a full logistics order from the CRM system to quickly distribute packed seeds for further transportation.


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Business Value

Infopulse digitalized workspace of agricultural experts within a unified CRM system. All sales information is stored in the central CRM system, improving knowledge transfer, analytics, forecasts and insights, reducing risks of data and expertise losses, and significantly improving understanding of market coverage and potential business scalability. Statistics, reports and work of local subsidiaries are immediately synchronized with the central office in the EU almost immediately without significant delays, improving business planning and production strategy.

  • Business analytics for better decision-making. Core CRM system serves as the main source of analytical data for the Central R&D office in the EU, providing deep insights on specifics of seed growth under particular conditions. The chain of data includes seed and soil quality and measurements, intermediary planting results, the quality of yield crops, and other figures and stats (dimensions, area of leafs, the weight of seeds, etc.). Based on these insights, the central office determines the volume of produced crops along with their quality indicators (humidity resistance, pest-resistance, productivity), and can update seeds catalogues with improved recommendations for the different soils as well as make timely amendments to production planning.
  • Shared expertise. CRM solution provides quick mobile access to a comprehensive shared knowledgebase with all required information and materials while reducing human mistakes.
  • Improved consulting and sales activities by adding a WOW factor to customer experience: on-the-spot access to rich visual data, including up-to-date product catalogues, client cases, photos, and videos.
  • Multilanguage support: English, Ukrainian and Russian, with automated translation into English and transliteration of names/titles written in the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Saved development budget by ensuring cross-platform and cross-OS availability (iOS, Android, Windows) with equal data representation in web- and mobile apps via custom visual components based on React stack.
  • User-friendly UX/UI requires a minimum amount of actions from RAGT end-users while providing maximum of information in one window within few clicks.
  • Ensured smooth transition to the new CRM by conducting a series of workshops for the RAGT sales team.

With an approximate volume of 15,000 local farming businesses, Ukraine was a perfect place to implement a CRM project for a large agricultural enterprise. In March 2019, the solution was launched for the RAGT subsidiary in Ukraine and will be fine-tuned further based on RAGT team feedback to fit the ever-changing conditions of the agricultural market. Based on cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, this solution may as well allow Ukraine stand among the flagships of agricultural industry digitalization.

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