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Enable powerful customer insights with behavior prediction to connect to your high-value customers and deliver more personalized experiences

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Engage with your Customers on an Intuitive Level

Predict your customer behavior and leverage micro- and macro-segmentation to understand your customers’ needs, increase their response rates, and create personalized offers.

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Boost Conversions, Minimize Churn

Supported by cutting-edge AI and machine learning techniques, you can approach the most common conversion and churn challenges with modern advanced solutions, implemented by a team of Infopulse experts.

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Optimize Customer Data Management

Infopulse can help you improve control over your data by simplifying its collection, processing, and management. Enhance your data availability for business users with modern data storage solutions.

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Improve Retention, Amplify Revenue

Connect to your customers through relevant propositions and messages that resonate with what they actually need. Improving customer experience results in increased retention rates and amplified revenue.

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Optimize Sales & Marketing Costs

By implementing customer analytics solutions, you can prioritize high-value customers, get valuable insights with behavior prediction, and, as a result, greatly optimize your sales/marketing costs.

Service Categories

Data Collection and Management

Leveraging our extensive DWH and Data Analytics experience, Infopulse helps businesses to automate customer data collection across all channels and optimize its management. Get timely insights from different types of data (transactional, logs and customer support data, behavioral data, social media data, etc.) and benefit from unified customer profiles to run more targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Customer Segmentation

To get a complete view of your customers and their changing needs, we help you create powerful customer segmentation models (both macro- and micro-segmentation), including geographic, demographic, psychographic, technographic, and behavioral models. This allows for advanced personalization and helps to know your customers better.

Customer Behavior Analytics

By enabling advanced customer behavior analytics, you can discover some common customer behavior patterns to target your audience's needs with specific offerings, improve your customer experience, and consequently increase customer satisfaction and retention rates.

  • Customer behavior modelling and analysis
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Customer churn analysis
  • Customer response analysis
  • Customer sentiment analysis
Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Backed by our predictive modelling expertise, we calculate customer lifetime value (CLV), defining your high-value customers and their segments. To configure and run a customer lifetime value model, our experts utilize existing customer data with modern AI and machine learning techniques. The CLV modelling allows you to get a full picture of the long-term financial viability of your business and evaluate relationships with your customers.

Advanced CRM Analytics and Reporting

With the implementation of advanced CRM analytics, you get access to in-depth insights and intuitive dashboards, accelerating report creation with less effort. Coupled with an AI-based recommendation engine and ML-based models, you can create such marketing/sales campaigns that resonate best with your customers.


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Connect with your customers on a deeper level by uncovering valuable insights.

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