Network Support for Connectivity Provider: Secure Services

Network Support and Capacity Management Services for a Global Connectivity Provider

Connectivity Provider



Cooperation period:

2022 – present



About the Customer:

Our client is a global Internet and Network Service Provider specializing in Internet and network solutions. They act as a one-stop shop, leveraging their network of partners to design and manage customized internet connectivity for businesses worldwide.

Infopulse has been cooperating with the client since 2022.

Executive Summary

Goal: Empower a connectivity provider to become a scalable leader in secure network solutions.

Solution: 24/7 Network Monitoring, Support, and Capacity Management.


  • Agile Service Delivery
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Scalable and Sustainable Growth

Services delivered: Network Operations Center (NOC), Capacity Management.


Business Challenge

Despite their valuable expertise, our client faced limitations due to a single point of contact for all their operations. This structure restricted them in several ways:

  • Scalability: Having a small team managing all aspects of the business hindered their ability to onboard new clients efficiently and expand their service offerings.
  • Efficiency: Reactive issue resolution resulted in slower response times and potential customer dissatisfaction.
  • Control: The lack of established processes, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) made it difficult to track performance and guarantee consistent service quality.

The reliable delivery of their services depends on a robust network infrastructure. We collaborated with the client to identify their network operations requirements, which include:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring and Support
  • Capacity Management


Infopulse designed a multi-layered approach to address the client’s challenges by:

Building Robust Support 

  • Established a 24/7 NOC led by experienced network engineers to proactively monitor the client’s network infrastructure.
  • Implemented a tiered support system:
    • Level 1: A monitoring team identifies and reacts to network issues, troubleshoots problems, and manages incident tickets.
    • Level 2: A team of highly skilled Telco engineers provides technical expertise for complex issues and emergencies.
  • Assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to act as a central point of contact and ensure seamless communication between the client, the monitoring team, Telco engineers, and end customers.

Establishing Capacity Management to help our client reach a wider audience and build secure virtual networks for its end users.

  • Provisioning: Our service delivery experts work closely on the client side to understand specific bandwidth needs and design the most efficient network solutions, utilizing the client’s network and those of its partners as needed. This can include fiber optic infrastructure, partner network connections, and virtual channel design.

Enhanced Security between the client and Cato Networks:

  • Our client partnered with Cato Networks to offer secure, high-performance SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solutions for its customers.
  • Infopulse engineers obtained Cato Network certifications, becoming experts in deploying and managing these advanced network security solutions.


Dedicated internet access (DIA)
Secure access service edge (SASE)

Business Value

  • Sustainable Growth: Infopulse empowered the client to scale their business confidently.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Monitoring and capacity management warranted consistent network performance, leading to a superior quality of service for the client’s end users.
  • Improved Service Level Agreements (SLAs): With Infopulse managing network infrastructure, our client could offer more competitive and reliable SLAs to their customers.
  • Distribution of Specialist Tasks: The tiered support system distributed network management tasks among specialists, increasing overall effectiveness.
  • Transition from Startup to Established Business: Infopulse's expertise helped our client mature from a startup to a well-established business with defined processes, KPIs, and a focus on service excellence.

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