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Network Capacity Management

Try out a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the evolving needs of CSPs: from initial design and inventory management to strategic planning, procurement, and service delivery.

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Reduce Costs & Optimize Networks

Infopulse leverages expertise in various technologies & systems (DWDM, SDH, IP/MPLS, etc.) to identify underutilized resources and optimize capacity allocation across your network. 

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Our team offers high-level technical and sales support, ensuring swift order processing, feasibility checks, and accurate documentation.

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Simplify Complexities

We streamline complex processes with a single point of contact, managing everything from initial customer RFQs to contract negotiation to service deployment.

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Enhance Security

We implement best practices and leverage our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) with L1/L2 support to proactively identify and mitigate potential security incidents. 

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Plan for Unforeseen Demand

Our experts implement scalable solutions to handle the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth and diverse connectivity options like remote peering and satellite solutions.

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Ensure Granular Control

Infopulse provides a comprehensive network inventory management solution that offers real-time access to detailed technical, contractual, and financial data.

Service Categories

Capacity Planning and Forecasting
  • Analysis of current network usage to predict future demand based on trends, business growth, and customer behavior
  • Development of capacity plans to ensure that the network can handle projected increases in traffic
Resource Allocation
  • Allocating network resources (e.g., bandwidth, equipment) efficiently to meet demand
  • Ensuring that the proper resources are available where and when they are needed
Performance Monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of network performance to identify potential capacity issues
  • Using performance data to adjust capacity plans and improve network efficiency
Network Optimization
  • Implementation of strategies to optimize the use of existing network capacity
  • Recommending and implementing network upgrades or reconfigurations to enhance performance
Network Inventory Management
  • Technical inventory management (network documentation)
  • Administrative and commercial inventory management (contract and order management)
  • Continuous technical and commercial network inventory management (all above + ongoing maintenance)
Bid & Sourcing Management
  • Technical sourcing (documents and negotiations)
  • Contractual alignment
  • Sales and negotiations support
  • Ongoing technical and administrative support
Service Implementation
  • Service design (analysis and implementation plan)
  • Service provisioning
    • Analyzing work orders and planning operations
    • Configuring services with appropriate technology and equipment
    • Coordinating and supervising on-site activities
    • Conducting end-to-end testing
    • Deploying the service
    • Post-deployment support
  • Delivery coordination with an assigned manager
Capacity Project Management
  • Feasibility analysis. Before a sale, Infopulse checks whether the telecom network (DWDM, SDH, etc.) has the capacity to handle the leased line project and provides costs and timelines
  • Project management
  • Delivery & documentation
Capacity Operations 
  • Sales support
  • Order fulfillment (local tails sourcing (physical connections) and order validation)
  • Customer data management
Capacity Reporting
  • Providing regular reports on network capacity, utilization, and performance to management
  • Offering insights and recommendations based on capacity analysis



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