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Azure Virtual Desktop: The Linchpin for Modern Digital Workplaces

Being now used to operating remotely, enterprises want to be flexible, quickly switching between remote and in-office working modes.

So, is there a way to gain that desired flexibility, improve the digital employee experience (DEX), and optimize IT and operational costs at the same time? Microsoft says a firm ‘Yes’.

A leader in hybrid work solutions across 23 analyst reports in 2022, Microsoft provides a cloud-based Azure Virtual Desktop service. 58% of organizations expect to have Azure Virtual Desktop technology in production within the next two years. With such an upgrade of remote work infrastructure, your organization can achieve up to 34% cost savings.

Digital workplace solutions engineers from Infopulse suggest a comprehensive guide to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop based on our practical experience in implementing this technology for organizations of different scales and industries. Our new eBook demonstrates the technical and functional capabilities of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop along with hands-on tips from our experts for successful and cost-effective implementation.

Get this free eBook to find out:
  • Advanced capabilities Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop brings to remote work systems
  • Ways to optimize operational costs and improve business continuity
  • Tools to bring up security and compliance to a new level with Azure Virtual Desktop
  • The best practices to implement Azure Virtual Desktop
Download the eBook to explore all the benefits of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop as a secure and scalable digital workplace solution.

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