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Digital Workplace: The Gateway to Hybrid Workforce

The number of specialists choosing to work remotely in 2022 has increased 24% since 2021. And those choosing hybrid work went up 16%. Interest in in-office work, however, dropped by 24%. To operate productively, businesses need to address these evolutionary changes in their digital transformation. 

The companies themselves can significantly benefit from adopting the digital workplace infrastructure by: 

  • Staying highly productive whether the specialists work remotely, in the office, or mix both. 
  • Reducing operational costs with automation, eliminating redundant workflows, and increasing the personal and team outputs of employees. 
  • Increasing revenue by speeding time-to-market for products and services by operating agile, empowered, and motivated teams. 
  • Improving security by adopting granular permission access and adjustable security controls. 
  • Elevating customer experience by adopting more effective workflows and communication tools. 
  • Amplifying employee engagement by addressing their day-to-day needs for anytime-anywhere access to corporate tools and data, effective collaboration, and streamlined communication.  
Our free ebook, 'Digital Workplace: The Gateway to Hybrid Workforce' explains the key principles and steps for designing a digital environment for effective hybrid work.

Here we share only practical findings from our real projects. Download this free guide to discover:

  • The use cases for digital workplace adoption: 6 signs it's the right time to rethink your work environment. 
  • How to assemble the digital workplace toolkit with Microsoft: ultimate performance at reasonable effort and pricing. 
  • A step-by-step guide to transforming disparate business systems into a consolidated cloud-based hub for hybrid work. 

With this guide, you will be ready to design your own digital workplace ecosystem. 

Download the eBook to prepare for seamless digital workplace adoption by embracing the most effective strategies from Infopulse's practice. 

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