Insights from Dutch Banking: Monsters, Myths, and Innovation

Monsters and Myths in Dutch Banking: Insights from a Whitepaper by Infopulse & The Banking Scene

Welcome to the creative side of banking. Our latest whitepaper, “Monsters & Myths in Innovation – Perspectives from Dutch Bankers," is a collaborative effort capturing insights from banking leaders of the Netherlands.

Emerging from an exclusive Halloween business dinner organized by The Banking Scene and sponsored by Infopulse, where 19 financial experts engaged in open discussions about the challenges they face in business, this document will help you innovate, focusing on human dynamics and leadership.  

Navigate through the whitepaper to uncover the following:

  • The nuanced challenges faced by Dutch financial institutions.
  • First-hand experiences shared by professionals from ING, ABN AMRO, and many others.
  • Over 40 identified barriers to innovation, categorized into key themes.
  • The role of technology in innovation and the misconceptions surrounding it.
  • Attitudes, biases, and personal ambitions: the impact of human factors on innovation.
  • Unique solutions for the banking industry, fostering transformative outcomes.

Download your copy now and equip yourself with insights to surpass pressing challenges with innovative solutions. Your transformative journey begins with a click. 

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