Infopulse at Exclusive Halloween Dinner by The Banking Scene

Infopulse Hosts a Dinner with The Banking Scene, Co-Creates a Whitepaper Full of Dutch Bankers’ Insights

On November 30, Infopulse co-organized an exclusive Halloween business dinner, together with The Banking Scene, a network of financial services professionals, and hosted by Innovation Catalyst & Advisor Andrew Vorster. Held in Amsterdam, the event gathered 19 professionals from leading financial institutions in the Netherlands, offering a unique platform for open discussions on the challenges and best practices in Dutch banking innovation.  


The business event featured the following highlights:

  • An interactive table game that sparked fruitful conversations on the Monsters & Myths of innovation within the banking sector. 
  • Financial professionals representing institutions such as ING, ABN AMRO, and others openly shared their experiences, contributing to the synthesis of valuable insights into the challenges faced by the Dutch banking industry.
  • The hallmark of the evening was the creation of unique "Monsters & Myths" trading cards, identifying over 40 barriers to innovation clustered into three primary themes: Process & Structure, Incentives, and Rules. 

The Whitepaper: Monsters & Myths in Innovation – Perspectives from Dutch Bankers

The collaborative effort in navigating the Dutch banking industry culminated in a comprehensive whitepaper titled "Monsters & Myths in Innovation – Perspectives from Dutch Bankers." This report serves as a condensed collection of valuable insights gained from face-to-face discussions with Dutch banking executives. 

Wouter Wytenburg, Managing Director of Infopulse in the Netherlands, Maryna Tirshu, Head of Benelux Market, and Viktor Galenko, Engagement Manager, were the key contributors to the event and played an essential part in compiling the ideas generated during the dinner.  

Key takeaways from the whitepaper include:

  • Technology itself is rarely a hindrance to innovation. Instead, the issues lie in addressing people-related issues and adapting to change leadership.
  • People, their attitudes, biases, behaviors, and personal ambitions pose significant challenges to innovation. Addressing human factors emerges as the "Magic" required for successful innovation.
  • Traditional change management methodologies often overlook human factors. Sometimes the solution is to change leadership, asserting that everyone within an organization can lead change.

Download the whitepaper and join us in conquering the Monsters & Myths of banking together. 

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