SOC Adoption: Three Scenarios to a Better Security Posture | eBook
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SOC Adoption: Three Scenarios to a Better Security Posture

Whichever is the ultimate strategic business goal, security is always a top priority for any organization. Protecting sensitive data and complying with legal requirements establishes trust in your business. Timely reaction to occurring breaches reduces possible financial and reputational losses. A proactive approach to security eliminates many of the potential risks before they become viable threats. All this can be easily achieved with a Security Operations Center (SOC) powered by Microsoft.

This in-depth eBook, created with Infopulse and Microsoft security experts, shares everything you need to know about the SOC: what it is, how it works, and what security challenges it can help you tackle. It will familiarize you with the key components of SOC, provide a detailed guide on its adoption, and highlight the ways to strengthen your security perimeter by utilizing advanced cybersecurity solutions from Microsoft.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • What makes SOC such a powerful security tool
  • How to assess your current security maturity level
  • Three ways to make SOC work for your
  • Top Microsoft security solutions to leverage your SOC
Bonus: a checklist on how to build a business case for SOC adoption!

Download the eBook to become one step closer to building an impenetrable security perimeter for your enterprise.

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