The Most Complete Data Protection eBook: AWS & Azure Compared

A Guide to Data Protection for 360-Degree Security Resilience

Holistic Security as it Should Be 

Step 1: Data Protection

What are other 4 steps for achieving 360-degree security resilience? 

Only in 2023 there were over 6 million encrypted threat attacks that traditional security tools could hardly detect. 

If your aim is to minimize risk exposure, you should care deeply about data protection and 

  • regulatory compliance,
  • access control,
  • identity management, 
  • endpoint protection,
  • and network security.

In this case, you should make a careful choice of tools and solutions that have enough capabilities to build security resilience. 

That is why Infopulse security gurus created this practical guide that covers essential data protection principles, best practices, and tried and tested solutions for staunch security posture. 

This eBook is created to help you understand which solution, whether it’s AWS or Azure, fits your needs best. 

Why we think you should read it: 
  • We describe in detail a roadmap for setting up a data protection strategy
  • We share best practices adjusting data protection principles to specific business scenarios
  • We compare solutions from two strong contenders AWS and Azure for all the steps of a holistic cybersecurity program

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