Infopulse Speaks at Microsoft Roadshow: SAP & Power Platform

Infopulse Facilitates SAP Modernization at 2023 Microsoft Roadshow: SAP & Power Platform

On March 8, 2023, Microsoft hosted ‘Microsoft Roadshow: SAP & Power Platform’ in Cologne, Germany, the second event from the Roadshow series scheduled for March-April. This live event was aimed to demonstrate the capabilities of the ultimate combination of SAP and Power Platform in action. Speakers from Infopulse presented a range of insightful case studies that were met with great interest from the Roadshow attendees.

SAP systems are now an essential tool for many companies, playing a central role in coordinating numerous business processes, especially in today’s hybrid operations world. To manage the growing demands and streamline the adoption of innovations, the existing SAP environment can be modernized and extended with the help of low-code solutions, such as Microsoft Power Platform. This platform allows business users to create necessary business applications, automate routine processes, and enable data-driven decision-making with comprehensive data analytics and reports. Integrating Power Platform services into SAP environments also helps mitigate the data inconsistency between different departments and business units, simplifying their processing and eliminating errors.
The aim of Infopulse was to demonstrate how flexible and adaptable the Power Platform capabilities were in solving numerous business tasks and goals. During the roadshow, speakers from Infopulse and the company’s partners shared a range of case studies that were met with great interest by the attendees.

Natalia Kondratenko, Global IT CoE Director of MHP SE, our long-term partner, presented the grain balance management solution developed together with Infopulse for MHP that brought the company’s productivity to a whole new level.

Besides, Ralf Hertneck, Strategic Advisor at Infopulse, presented demo versions of four solutions by Infopulse that can help achieve business excellence:    

  • Document management solution to automate, accelerate, and secure document processing.
  • Resource management solution for automating analytical data processing and enabling offline work.
  • HR solution for improving employee engagement and related individual, team, and company goals within a multi-level goal tree.
  • Executive board management solution to streamline the board administration operations, improve decision execution, and arrange secure document flow.

The Roadshow attendees were able to appraise the real benefits of integrating SAP and Power Platform, including:

  • Streamlining and optimizing business processes.
  • Boosting productivity and profitability by automating routine tasks.
  • Providing secure access to critical business data any time and from anywhere.
  • Using innovations for creating new revenue streams.

As a certified Microsoft partner with 18+ years of experience, Infopulse experts were happy to exchange the obtained knowledge and practical expertise with all participants. It was an insightful meeting of like-minded leaders aiming to achieve steady business growth driven by digital innovations.    

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