Oracle FLEXCUBE Upgrade for Allianz Bank Bulgaria

Infopulse Implements Oracle FLEXCUBE Upgrade for Allianz Bank Bulgaria

Allianz Bank Bulgaria have started a new project with Infopulse to upgrade the core banking system from Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking System v12.3 to v.14.7 and implement Oracle Banking Payments and Oracle banking branch. By performing this transmission, the company aims to modernize operations, deliver first-class services to private and corporate clients, and enhance customer experience towards usability and personalization. This upgrade unlocks numerous benefits for Allianz Bank Bulgaria and significantly reduces the budget and time for implementing business-driven enhancements.   

Currently, Allianz Bank Bulgaria is running Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking System v12.3. With the upgrade to v14.7, we aim to replace numerous satellite applications and customizations with the Oracle toolset to streamline operations, optimize data processing, simplify the bank’s core system support and maintenance, and integrate innovative advancements for the cutting-edge customer experience. 

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This is the next step of Allianz Bank Bulgaria's transformation. It is one of the biggest projects for technological upgrade in the local banking market. On the one hand, transmission to Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking System v.14.7 brings numerous advancements such as truly intelligent omnichannel banking, personalized customer experience, and all-around automation. On the other hand, it drastically simplifies the core banking infrastructure, accelerates operations, and saves costs on scalable enhancements. We are happy to be a part of this innovative evolution.
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Anton Volik
Managing Director of Infopulse Bulgaria

The solution by Infopulse suggests implementing microservice architecture to replace third-party services and continuously replace custom solutions with alternatives from the Oracle FLEXCUBE ecosystem. The cloud-ready architecture will also provide the bank with seamless migration to the Cloud version when required.

The value-bringing advancements include:

  • Modern architecture: Сomponentized architecture, API-first approach RESTful integrations, modern and intuitive UX, flexible cloud-ready deployments, future-proof scalability.
  • Digital-first approach: Omnichannel banking with multiple self-service options for personalized customer experience.
  • Co-innovative partnerships: A packaged API solution to connect and co-innovate with 1,700+ retail and corporate banking products.
  • Intelligent engagement: Personalized AI/ML-based customer experience, device-agnostic functionality, simplified transactions, and improved workflow productivity.
  • Intelligent processing & proactive environment: Machine Learning, NLP, Conversational AI, and Blockchain advancements for better personalization, automation, and security.
  • Better compliance & control: Full alignment with all existing regulations, laws, and security measures on all levels of operation.

About Allianz Bank Bulgaria

Allianz Bank Bulgaria is a part of Allianz SE, one of the global leaders in insurance and asset management services with more than 122M private and corporate clients across 70+ countries. As a versatile commercial bank, Allianz Bank Bulgaria offers a comprehensive range of financial services, including general insurance, retirement provision, mortgage loans, e-banking, leasing, and more. On the Bulgarian market, Allianz Bank stands among the Top 10 largest banks.  

About Infopulse

Infopulse is a certified Oracle partner for selling Oracle financial products and Oracle-based banking solutions. As we have been collaborating with Allianz Bank Bulgaria on FLEXCUBE projects for 2.5+ years, Infopulse experts have the required knowledge of Allianz Bank Bulgaria’s infrastructure and deep expertise in Oracle FLEXCUBE to minimize the time and effort for implementing the system upgrade. The implementation of our new project will take 1+year, followed by further support and maintenance.   

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