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About the Customer:

Tietoevry is the largest IT company in the Nordics, creating purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good. With 24,000+ employees worldwide, Tietoevry delivers IT services from 21 Norwegian and 50 Scandinavian cities to more than 14,000 public and private sector clients. Tietoevry was formed after the merger of Tieto and EVRY, the largest IT merger in Scandinavia to date.

Business Challenge

The primary client’s objective for finding an outsourcing partner was labor cost arbitrage. Tietoevry was struggling with high operational costs, specifically in the area of IT Operations. Secondly, it was accessibility to a wider set of technical competencies and a labor sourcing diversification strategy.

There were also a number of side effects realized at a later stage of the case development such as enforcing the IT operation security policy and better operational documentation.

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Infopulse has created a team of IT specialists in the number of technological areas: Windows, Linux, Network, and Application Operations. At later stages, other deliveries were added to the portfolio, such as AIX, Solaris, DBA, as well as specialists in Citrix, Virtualization and Storage, Software Asset Management, and Microsoft business application line.


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Desktop Platform Administration
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Application Packaging
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and many others

Facts & Figures

Team Size

220 FTE


since 2007

Business Value

The project is running using the “Team Extension” business model, although there are a number of “project-based” deliveries. Some of the deliveries were successfully converted into the proper SLA-based service delivery in particular niche areas, such as Software Asset Management, Monitoring, and Capacity.

  • The client achieved reduced labor costs and opportunity to use blended engineer rates for new and existing contracts.
  • The client was able to declare access to the wider and more saturated pool of the technical competencies available at the Ukrainian market.
  • Increased system security, grown maturity of the IT infrastructure (as offshoring called for more intensive use of modern technologies), and significantly improved system technical documentation thanks to the increased technical capacity and the faced need of system transition to the offshore.

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