Infopulse at CES 2017: Latest Trend & New Product [+Video]
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Infopulse at CES 2017: Latest Trends & New Product Presentation [+Video]

In January 2017, Infopulse and their partners Clovitek and ARTKB visited CES 2017, an annual world’s largest electronic expo, hosted in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Together with our partners, we presented CloviFi – a wireless audio transmitter and a product of our joint collaboration. More information about CloviFi and the best innovative solutions that we’ve seen at the consumer electronics fair – in our report from CES 2017.

About CES

CES is the world’s largest consumer trade fair and show dedicated to new technologies and innovative solutions. CES visitors can test gadgets, learn about novelties and concept products from leading manufacturers and the best startups from all over the world. CES is also the best chance for startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their new products.

In 2017, CES celebrated its 50th anniversary. Serving as the best destination for industry enthusiasts, business representatives, distributors, retailers and everyone interested in digital advancements and latest technologies, CES 2017 was the biggest in its history. The statistics of this years’ expo speak for themselves:

  • 4 days
  • 2.6mln ft2 or 241,500 m2 of area (appr. 30 soccer fields)
  • 175,000 visitors from 150 countries
  • 3,800 companies
  • 600 startups
  • 8,000 media representatives

By visiting CES, Infopulse aimed to achieve three goals:

  • Help our partners showcase the new product
  • Develop new business contacts
  • Stay in the course of the new trends and technological advances.

Our story begins with CloviFi product premiere – and it turned out really well!

Presenting CloviFi

Infopulse is always supporting startups and new ideas. For us, CES was a great chance to help Clovitek showcase their new product CloviFi – a wireless audio transmitter. Developed by Clovitek, designed by ARTKB and additionally programmed by Infopulse, CloviFi is a beautiful and sleek device, perfect fit for both homes and businesses. CloviFi delivers sound from an audio source over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly to your handheld device without interruptions and delays. It’s possible to connect an unlimited amount of users to a single device, making it a great product for gyms, bars, hotels, conferences, etc.

We’ve seen a large interest for CloviFi from both businesses and public at large. Together with our partners, we conducted a preliminary pitching of the CloviFi for the Shark Tank representatives and they loved our device! Now that we made it through the first round, we’re getting ready for the next and very exciting round of pitching in front of Shark Tanks themselves! We also presented the device during a US Chamber of Commerce meeting for 40 USCC members from various countries and received at least a dozen of requests from USCC members to get them a product when it’s ready. Representatives of Virgin Media were very much interested in the CloviFi device and wanted trial-test the device. Some companies from Asia wanted to have our device to be installed in all undergrounds and national railways. A company from the USA wanted to have it installed in all their gyms. We received many offers for distribution, import and marketing in the USA and beyond. We also conducted a small press conference and spoke about the device benefits with mass-media representatives.

CES turned out really beneficial and successful for our small promotion. The CloviFi device has huge market opportunities and we continue our collaboration on the device to bring it to you soon!

In the meantime, you may want to check the following promotion materials for the CloviFi device:

New Business Opportunities and Technologies at CES 2017

CES is a perfect opportunity for new business developments and new contacts. At CES we were looking for innovations and the latest trends that may be of use for our clients and contacted startups and companies that require technical expertise. We had very exciting talks with SMBs doing VR, smart parking solutions, Blockchain solutions like micropayments for specific markets, and many others.

At the same time, CES is a huge show that offers many thrilling ideas and features thousands of extraordinary devices. During our visit to CES, we strived to look for business-oriented technologies in the following areas:

  • A huge trend in the upcoming years is IoT and Smart Home solutions that will allow to deeply connect your home appliances with AI home assistants, i.e., Google Home, Alexa, and Cortana.
  • VR will go wireless this year, with lots of accessories being designed for an improved VR experience, e.g., motion tracking controllers that can track the movement of your hands/fingers and don’t require you to have some tracking devices in your hands. There was many other VR staff for gaming: from full-motion VR simulation rigs, which allow experiencing a sense of flight or water rafting, to small backpacks with powerful speakers that create an authentic feeling of presence or vibrate during extreme scenes in the game.
  • While AR is still slowly pawing its way into everyday lives, the mixed reality is getting stronger each day. This trend will be huge for home use, entertainment, and business solutions. AR for businesses is getting strong as well. We saw multiple Google Glass-like glasses that look exactly like ordinary glasses. Expect to see mirrors in stores that allow you to virtually try on a new pair of jeans soon! AR will allow you fix a car with virtual pop-up help in front of you – the possibilities are endless here!
  • Robotics and AI chatbots are other captivating trends: drones, personal and sales assistants caught a large deal of our attention!

Watch our [Video Report] from CES 2017 below:

Infopulse has lots of exciting staff in our plans for 2017. Feel free to contact us and discuss new technologies!

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