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Solution Engineering for Alystra TMS Helps EG A/S Become a Market Leader




Cooperation period:

2 years, in progress


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About the Customer:

EG A/S is the leading provider of vertical software for private and public business customers in the Nordic region. The company develops, delivers, and services its own software products for construction, healthcare, retail & wholesale, finance, public sector, energy management, transport, logistics, and other industries.

Executive Summary

Goals: Leadership in the Nordic TMS market among small-to-midsize companies. Delivering an all-in-one solution for the entire transport order lifecycle management, maintaining its stable performance and competitiveness in the long run.     

Solution: Infopulse improved the UX/UI for the solution components, migrated the product to Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure, and performed automated integration testing. We are also responsible for 24/7 L3 technical support.        

Benefits: EG A/S obtained full-cycle development and maintenance support from the team that possesses expert knowledge of the Alystra product. The ability to quickly implement new features, upgrade product performance, and ensure customer satisfaction with timely technical support help the company be constantly at the top of their market niche and increase their customer base.    

Services delivered: Solution Engineering, Software Product Development & Modernization, Quality Assurance, Managed Services, UX/UI Design & Consulting, Cloud Migration, Application Maintenance, Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps.    


Business Challenge

The transportation industry is in need of software solutions to reduce resource consumption through the use of technology. While global transportation companies have transport management systems from international vendors, the market for standard software solutions for smaller companies is still underserved.

To fill this missing segment in the Nordic market with comprehensive software, EG A/S purchased Alystra, a standard software solution for transport management, from Tietoevry, the Infopulse parent company. By the time of purchase, Infopulse had been successfully maintaining and upgrading the product with new features for more than four years. After acquiring Alystra from Tietoevry, EG A/S decided to continue their collaboration with a dedicated team of Infopulse engineers to ensure investing the top product expertise and technical knowledge into further product development.

Our client wanted Infopulse to take complete responsibility for product maintenance, improvements, adding new functionalities, and dedicated L3 support. Thus, we provided relevant expertise to cover these requirements on an ongoing basis.

Solution & Business Value

Infopulse engineers significantly modernized Alystra TMS’s UX/UI, improving the existing functionality and implementing numerous new features for the end customers’ satisfaction. The entire product was migrated to Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure that significantly extended the Alystra TMS capabilities for current performance and future growth. The dedicated team of engineers is also fully responsible for L3 support, providing it 24/7.

Infopulse’s input brought multiple business benefits for EG A/S and the company’s end customers.

Value for End Customers:

  • Ability to manage the entire order lifecycle, from creation to completion and invoicing.
  • Streamlined operations and increased efficiency with reduced time and resources compared to manual order management.
  • Flexible pricing system: customers can customize pricing based on their specific needs while drivers benefit from a fair and transparent system for calculating their earnings.
  • Visma integration ensures that financial information is automatically updated and accurately recorded, eliminating the risk of errors and minimizing the time required for manual data entry.
  • Additional financial flexibility with the integrated loan mechanisms for customers ensures appropriate, timely compensation for drivers.
  • Optimized routes and improved routing efficiency due to auto-routing feature: customers can quickly build delivery routes from point A to point B, considering the number of terminals in between.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and overall transport costs.
  • Data-driven decision-making and insights for continuous improvement with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools due to integration with Power BI.
  • Paying only for the modules the customers need for their business due to the product modularity.

Value for the Client

  • Keeping Alystra highly competitive in the TMS market through constant improvements and feature upgrades according to the latest market demands.
  • Ultimate product performance with the ability to handle a fleet of up to 1000+ vehicles per customer.
  • Improved product security with round-the-clock threats detection and data backup & recovery mechanisms.
  • Streamlined product management and accelerated interaction between different product management departments across locations thanks to cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Timely major issues resolution and increased end-customer satisfaction with 24/7 L3 support.

Currently, Alystra TMS is one of the leading transport management solutions for construction, logistics & distribution, recycling, cargo, and frozen food delivery for small-to-midsize companies in the Nordic market.

As the project is ongoing, the Infopulse team continues providing the entire cycle of development and maintenance services for Alystra, constantly working on implementing new product improvements.

Technical Details 

The Alystra Transport Management System is a standard software solution for transport management that offers functionality for transport planning, routing, pricing, and invoicing for freight forwarders and haulers. Alystra has been serving this market segment for over 20 years and has successfully catered to small and medium-sized freight forwarders' unique needs.

Initially, Alystra TMS was a desktop solution, hosted on on-premises servers. The system consists of three main components:

  • Alystra desktop client for operators: a comprehensive solution for transport management that handles all aspects of transport planning, routing, pricing, and invoicing.
  • Alystra Portal: a web portal for contractors that allows them to access relevant information about their jobs, including job status, location, and any changes made to the job.
  • Android mobile app: enables drivers to receive job information, navigate to the job location, and update the job status in real-time.

Alystra Order Mobile View & Alystra Order Tablet View

alystra-transport-management-solution-dashboards-1 (1)

Our engineers implemented significant UX/UI improvementsfor all three components and a range of new features, including:    


Alystra TMS Live Map Interface


Alystra TMS Client Route Screen


The solution is built on Java as a primary programming language and Oracle as the backend database. We also used Angular to build the web portal and integrated Umbraco CMS for content management.

In addition, Infopulse also performs product customizations for specific customers, including minor UI changes (company logo integration, interface color scheme change) and configuring the feature package for individual customer needs.


Migration to the Cloud


Initially, the product was hosted on physical on-premises servers. The development team migrated it to the cloud to improve its performance, operating stability, accessibility, management, and security. For this purpose, we used Microsoft Azure. We deployed the project infrastructure on the cloud with numerous servers for all the required test environments and different product versioning, and also set up CI/CD and adjusted various testing processes.


Hosting in Azure cloud significantly accelerated the interaction between product development units from different locations. The team implemented a range of security improvements: VPN, more levels of controls for all operations, data backup, and disaster recovery.


Automating Integration Testing


As the project has numerous systems and subsystems, we implemented an automated integration testing environment. On a daily basis, we automatically ensure that all systems and components correctly interact with each other. To detect critical vulnerabilities, our team uses the following: 



The automation integration testing tools help prevent potential operational breakages thanks to timely threat identification.


L3 Support 


Infopulse is also responsible for Level 3 support, while L1/L2 support is provided from the client side. If a request from Alystra customer requires in-depth technical assistance, it is passed to our team for resolution. We provide 24/7 L3 support, ensuring service excellence for the client’s end customers.

Technologies and Tools

Angular logo
Umbraco CMS
Microsoft Azure logo
Microsoft Azure
Azure DevOps logo
Azure DevOps
Microsoft Power BI logo
Microsoft Power BI
Google Maps logo
Google Maps & HERE Maps
Visma Integration
SonarQube Scanner
Qualys cloud platform

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