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DevOps on Azure

Accelerate workflows and improve team collaboration with Azure DevOps. An Azure Expert MSP, Infopulse helps you achieve strategic development goals with a modern Microsoft platform.

We Help You
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Reduce TTM of Software Products

Accelerate software releases by cutting down TTM to weeks instead of months. Our experts help transform your software delivery and facilitate operations by adopting DevOps on Azure.

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Optimize Operational Activities

Let your team focus on code development while we take care of the rest. Infopulse can help rebuild operational support with automated monitoring and alerting to ensure the most efficient use of your resources.

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Streamline the Planning

Take full control over new and ongoing tasks. Azure DevOps helps you benefit from the extensive capabilities of Azure Boards, including customizable boards, advanced planning tools, and thorough reporting.

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Simplify Release Management

Introduce automated releases with a rollback capability. Infopulse helps businesses modernize their release processes by implementing automated CI/CD pipelines and environment provisioning.

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Minimize Downtime During the Release

Deploy new features without affecting product availability. With Azure DevOps, you can migrate project data with minimum losses and enable more efficient and stable work in a cost-efficient way.

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Enhance Security

Embrace an enterprise-level of security offered by Azure. Infopulse ensures the unprecedented safety of your data with in-depth expertise in cloud and IT infrastructure security, and DevSecOps best practices.

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Leverage a Holistic Solution

Connect and manage all of your tools under a single platform. Azure DevOps’s flexibility in supported languages, platforms, and cloud vendors allows for seamless integration with every instrument you need.

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Save Costs

Reduce your expenses with Azure DevOps capabilities. Utilize Azure cloud storage to optimize your resources used; Azure AD for efficient user-based licensing; and Azure Pipelines for CI/CD process automation.

What We Do

DevOps on Azure Assessment
  • Identifying critical points of the existing systems and infrastructure
  • Security threats and vulnerabilities assessment
  • Evaluating infrastructure readiness for Azure DevOps practices implementation
  • DevOps on Azure implementation roadmap
DevOps on Azure PoC
  • Assessment of the existing systems and infrastructure
  • Establishment of a planning and release management process
  • Implementing an automated CI/CD pipeline for a software project
  • DevSecOps approach implementation for secure software delivery
  • Infrastructure provisioning automation
DevOps on Azure Implementation
  • Scaling up PoC to the entire infrastructure
  • Operational support setup for the staff
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Alerts monitoring and incidents investigation
  • Regular software and hardware updates
  • Extensive reporting
  • Blue-green deployments
  • Building the DevOps culture in the customer’s ecosystem



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