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Cloud Migration

Embrace the cloud and seamlessly transition to the platform of your choice with Infopulse, a cloud service provider with 10+ years of experience.

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Optimize Costs and Resources

Take advantage of cloud computing to significantly reduce costs and resources in use – from maintenance and licensing to real estate and workload optimization.

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Achieve Scalability and Flexibility

Amplify your infrastructure with unlimited scalability and agility of the cloud. Never again experience a lack of workload capacities, insufficient storage, or reduced performance.

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Ensure Security and Compliance

Meet even the strictest security demands with top tier solutions from cloud vendors. A trusted cloud migration services provider aligns your security landscape with industry regulations and security policies.

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Simplify Your IT Management

Achieve unprecedented visibility of your infrastructure. Infopulse helps to consolidate your systems and applications within a single cloud platform.

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Innovate Faster

Strengthen your position in the market with almost immediate transformations. Cloud allows for seamless and prompt response to customer demand and industry trends.

Featured Solutions

DevOps on Azure

A cloud-based solution to streamline your software integration and deployment:

  • Supports multiple languages, platforms, and cloud vendors
  • Advanced planning and reporting tools
  • Automated CI/CD pipelines and environments provisioning
SAP on Azure

Outstanding SAP performance facilitated by an advanced Azure cloud platform.

  • Seamless SAP implementation on Azure
  • Reduced storage costs and TCO
  • 24/7/365 support to get your solution running

Service Categories


Take your first steps to cloud transformation with seasoned experts from Infopulse. We guide you through the onboarding process, from initial consulting and vendor selection to conducting cloud migration readiness assessment and designing a migration roadmap.

Cloud Architecture Design

Lay a solid foundation for efficient cloud infrastructure with an overarching blueprint. Infopulse designs architecture to accommodate your strategic goals, industry-specific requirements, and allow for future adjustments and scaling – whether you need to build infrastructure from scratch or rethink an existing one.

Solution Migration

Modernize your enterprise solutions with cutting-edge cloud technologies. Infopulse Cloud Competence Center ensures the seamless cloudification of business-critical systems and applications to elevate your IT landscape and eliminate constraints of legacy solutions.

Cloud DWH

Secure your data in a state-of-the-art cloud data warehouse. With our cloud migration services you can replace legacy physical servers with an advanced cloud computing platform to gain a strategic competitive advantage with improved visibility, data management, and compliance.

Datacenter Migration / Infrastructure Migration

Accelerate your data center transformation with the cloud. Infopulse helps reconsider, modernize, and upgrade your infrastructure to ensure the seamless execution of digital transformation strategy.

  • Servers with Apps & Infra Workloads
  • SAP
  • Web applications
  • Databases
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Post-Migration Cloud Support

Experience enterprise-tuned level of support. As a single point of contact, Infopulse facilitates all operations according to the agreed SLAs. We provide L1/L2/L3 support services with dedicated or shared team models that can be easily aligned with your needs.

Our Strenghts

7 Azure Advanced Specializations:
  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Linux and Open-Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Microsoft Threat Protection
  • SAP on Microsoft Azure
  • Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure
  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure


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