A recycler in the EU elevates IT infrastructure with Сloud

Azure-powered cloud architecture, enabling robust data exchange center

Large recycling company







About the Customer:

Our client is an omnipresent corporation with staff located in multiple states in the EU. The client is among the top 5 European businesses in its domain. With the head office in DACH, the MNC has three distinct business verticals, serving a number of clients around the globe.

Executive Summary

Goals: Co-create a centralized data platform by complementing the existing workflows with the test and prod environments.

Solution: Highly performant environment with cloud-powered secure architecture & strong DevOps culture.

Benefits: Enhanced end-user experience, instant access to cutting-edge cloud services.

Services delivered: Fully automated CI\CD pipelines for Infrastructure-as-Code and Application-as-Code.


Business Challenge

As a downstream opportunity through Tietoevry Austria, Infopulse got an RFP for DevOps and data engineering services from the client. After engineers were assigned to the project, the company decided to enlarge the scope of the endeavor to fully use the expert opinion and competencies of Infopulse. The design of a centralized data platform – data flows, architecture – was already in the dev environment on the client’s end. However, the missing parts of the puzzle were the test and prod environments.

Moreover, the client’s business entities are spread across 10 countries in the EU. Each entity has its specific local regulations and supply chain flows as well as dispersed data collection, management, and reporting systems. The client’s key objective was to build infrastructure that would enable the centralization of data and operations in a cost-efficient and secure manner.

To meet its external expansion plans and deal with the evolving organizational structure with multiple departments, the client needed a robust data hub to handle the amount of data from IoT sources. The company partnered with Infopulse to have expert guidance on the implementation of best practices in Azure architecture, assistance in creating a fully automated process of deploying infrastructure and business logic to Azure, as well as protection and monitoring of resources deployed.

Solution & Business Value

Thanks to a holistic approach to cloud application design, and the strong cloud and data native competencies of our engineers, Infopulse could offer the client a highly efficient and secure architecture, supporting infrastructure, and introduce DevOps, which altogether allow for further scalability and growth.

Along with modern applications and services, the client benefits from enhanced end-user experience and has instant access to cutting-edge cloud services. Elaborating on the existing capabilities the client had, we supported the company's progress with a highly flexible and performant environment.

Step by step, we built up the automated pipelines, leading the solution to production, reshaping the approach to working with data through enhanced architecture with an improved landing zone, security hardening for the solution, and automation (CI/CD).

Technical Details

To start with, Infopulse analyzed the existing capabilities to be able to fill in the gaps; we arranged the scripts at hand in coherent pipelines to automate and enable the deployment in test and prod environments. Beyond that, Infopulse unfolded the implementation of modern DevOps practices to link repositories in use with release and branch policies, creating a complete set of documentation including Git guidance.

After compiling the policies and manuals, we automated pipelines to ease up deployments. In addition, Infopulse improved the landing zone from architectural and DevOps standpoints as well as security posture. A refined data platform came to light featuring an infrastructure, including such services as Data Factory, Data Bricks, and Data Lake layered with data workflows that define how the services work with data. Infopulse executed service orchestration and deployment from A to Z:

  • refined Azure Landing Zone
  • clearly defined Deployment and Release strategy
  • determined versioning, branching, and tagging strategies
  • fully automated CI\CD pipelines for Infrastructure-as-Code and Application-as-Code
  • leveled up security posture
  • set up cost management
  • services diagnostics and logging
  • set up security, functionality, and budget alerting


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