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ITSM and User Self-Service Portal Implementation

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About the Customer:

Our customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both solid and perforated steel belts, processing systems, and applications for the food, chemical, construction, transportation, and other sectors. They provide customized industrial solutions to support the production processes of manufacturers globally.

Executive Summary

Goal: Establish independent ITSM processes with a self-service portal for efficient end-user request processing and ticket management and enable internal maintenance without third-party assistance.

Solution: Infopulse implemented a scalable Self-Service Portal as a part of the ServiceNow ITSM solution, integrated with the client’s Microsoft Azure and Office 365 as well as Tietoevry’s ITSM system. The solution provides a comprehensive service catalog, automated software provisioning, and streamlined user onboarding and offboarding. 

Benefits: Single point of contact for issue reporting, faster issue processing, real-time visibility, improved ITSM processes, streamlined asset and license management, and platform scalability for future growth.

Services delivered: Service Desk implementation, ITSM & ITOM, ServiceNow solutions, Low-code app development.

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Business Challenge

After divestment from its parent company in 2017, our customer became independent and had to establish their own ITSM processes, operations, and support from scratch. The client relied on Tietoevry Enterprise ITSM System and Service Desk as well.

It was important to enable self-service capabilities within a dedicated ServiceNow solution. Our client wanted to have an intuitively designed self-service portal meeting the specific needs of their diverse user base across different departments. Most importantly, the system had to allow the client’s internal team to maintain it without any external help.

The portal had to optimize the processing of end-users requests and streamline the ticket history on the client’s side. One of the technical challenges was to integrate the existing Tietoevry Enterprise ITSM System with a chosen ServiceNow ITSM system and Self-Service Portal.


  • Infopulse established a scalable Self-Service Portal as a part of ServiceNow ITSM system.
  • We integrated the Portal with Tietoevry ITSM and Active Directory to store users’ data and requests on the client’s instance.
  • Also integrated it with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 for software license provisioning and with Microsoft Intune to automate software provisioning.
  • Implemented a Service Catalog with easy-to-use navigation.
  • Created a workbench for end-users – a single-pane view of all tickets, their status, history, etc.
  • Enabled hardware and software ordering in a single system.
  • Launched a New Ticket Status Page with an intuitive layout and enhanced filtering capabilities that allow users to quickly check on the status of a ticket.
  • Integrated Bulk Approvals and delegated approval functionality allowing to approve or reject multiple requests concurrently, thus increasing the portal efficiency.
  • Refactored some custom code components to make upgrades easier, improve functionality and scalability.
  • Added engaging micro-interactions to create the needed level of personalization by implementing role-based access and visibility.
  • Introduced automated user onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • Enabled device ordering, wiping, and reassignment as a part of asset management process.
  • Set up Cost Service Catalog and Cost Allocation rules.
  • Established automated software provisioning based on Microsoft Graph API.
  • Provided software ordering and installation in a personalized workflow.


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Business Value

  • Implementation of a single point of contact allowed end-users to report their issues or incidents and track ticket status.
  • Self-Service Portal implementation resulted in faster issue resolution, real-time visibility, better flexibility, and efficiency.
  • The customer received a scalable solution to introduce further a procurement system, interactive dashboards, analytics system, etc.
  • Our team enabled the automation of Service Desk operations and software provisioning.
  • Streamlined ITSM processes including Asset Management, Procurement, License Management, and User Management.
  • Simplified navigation and improved content discoverability.
  • Enhanced maintainability of the portal and its intuitive design.

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