New Telecom Business Opportunities with IoT | Report

Unlocking New Telecom Business Horizons with IoT

The Internet of Things is an inevitable part of our future that fuels innovation across all industries on a global scale. Modern enterprises concentrate their efforts on adopting IoT to elicit its immense potential into their business practices. In the race for IoT, the telecommunications industry has an unparalleled advantage, namely the highest maturity rate for IoT transformation.

By reading this report, you can discover how telecom carriers can seize the IoT opportunity to extend beyond the traditional connectivity services, and pursue new business roles to deliver added-value to the customers, and unlock an array of profitable IoT monetization options.

What is covered in this report?

  • A comprehensive review of the global and European IoT market
  • New valuable roles and business models for telecom carriers within the IoT value chain
  • The services focus and competencies of the key players in the IoT landscape
  • In-depth overview of the IoT implementation journey, including drivers of adoption, business benefits, main challenges, and how Telcos can address them
  • Case studies that show how telecom enterprises successfully implement IoT-driven solutions and services.

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