5G and Its Cross-industry Use Cases | eBook

Intelligent Connectivity: 5G and Its Cross-industry Use Cases

5G is one of the most rapidly maturing and sought-after technologies of our time. This ebook discusses new monetization opportunities for telecom and revenue streams opened with 5G adoption. You’ll find out when 5G will reach its massive roll-out and what measures telcos should take to switch to 5G. As telcos will be among the key influencers in 5G promotion, they will drive the change across other critical sectors. This will push forward such technologies as AI, IoT, Edge Computing, and create a range of uses cases in different industries.

Read this ebook to know what influential players drive 5G advancement and steps telcos and their partners are already taking to win the market supremacy.

What this ebook covers:

  • 5G advantages, specification requirements, spectrum assets, and the SMARTER project
  • Points to consider when choosing a 5G tech provider
  • Broader monetization opportunities for telecom
  • Effective ways to enable a seamless transition to 5G
  • How 5G leverages the power of AI and IoT to drive intelligent connectivity
  • 5G cross-industry use cases: banking and finance, manufacturing, smart cities, etc.

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