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Top Technology Trends that Will Dominate Banking in 2021

  • What technologies are the most prioritized by banks and financial services firms these days?
  • How has COVID-19 outbreak shaped plans of the entire industry exposing gaps and areas for improvement?

Find the answers and plenty of valuable information in our comprehensive banking report!

Our analytics and technology experts have carefully sifted out large volumes of data and gathered the most relevant insights for decision-makers in the Banking industry.

Here's why you should download this report:

  • We'll explain what priorities banks have towards digital technologies adoption
  • We bring forth the detailed research on each technology, its investment attractiveness, deployment models, business value, specific use cases, etc.
  • How COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of cloud, AI, e-identity, biometrics, contactless payments, RPA solutions
  • What steps banks should take to reinvent their digital services and modernize their IT infrastructure.

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