Infopulse attends the “All in One” conference in Bulgaria

Celebrating Tech Diversity: Infopulse at the “All in One” Conference 2023


On August 26th, Bulgaria's tech scene flourished at the annual All in One conference, where over 1000 attendees delved into the latest IT trends. Organized by DEV.BG, this yearly event unites the Bulgarian IT community to explore various technology topics.

In this year's edition, Infopulse proudly claimed the spotlight, emphasizing our commitment to nurturing a vibrant community. Given the event's primary focus on HR, Infopulse took pride in its role as a diverse talent hub that goes beyond conventional services, fostering creativity.

Our representatives engaged attendees in meaningful conversations, highlighting our community's core values and its profound impact on Bulgaria's IT industry landscape. In sum, Infopulse actively contributed to the vibrant dialogue that defines Bulgaria's tech future. We're excited about what the future holds for our community and the incredible talents waiting to be discovered.

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