Infopulse Hosted Blooming AI Dinner in Amsterdam

Infopulse Blooming AI Dinner in Amsterdam

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT are blooming in business, much like vibrant tulips in spring.    

Now it’s high time for secure and scalable AI-powered solutions that enhance your teams’ productivity, save time, and make the most out of available resources.

We took a deep dive into how leading companies were integrating AI and ChatGPT into their operations at Infopulse Blooming AI Dinner. The event took place at Loetje Aan ’t IJon March 19th, 2024, in Amsterdam.  

The dinner was all about stepping away from day-to-day business routine and coming together for friendly yet insightful talks over a meal.

The highlight of the evening was our panel discussion:

“AI & ChatGPT: Available for Everyone, Tailored for You”

 We had an impressive lineup of speakers sharing their insights and real-life AI-powered cases:  

Eugene Martsin
Head of Product Digitalisation and Cloud Adoption at BICS 
Gabriël van der Kruijk
Digital Transformation Manager at Koppert 
Iryna Agieieva
Head of Product at Mollie
Kateryna Rystsova
Moderator, Head of Tech Presales at Infopulse

The discussion covered:

  • Ways to make AI & ChatGPT truly yours: Tips & tricks for your business
  • Cost of being smart: Why you don’t need to have a fortune to take advantage of AI & ChatGPT right now
  • Applying AI & ChatGPT wisely: Use cases to note and pitfalls to avoid
  • Making decision using exponentially growing data: Lessons from Telecom
  • Sowing the seeds of automation in Agriculture, Banking & Finance, Pharma, Telecom and beyond
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At the event, we brought together our focus industries, in which we have a proven track record. By combining these sectors during the dinner, we fostered creative thinking and collaboration, opening doors to new possibilities. The event's success is clear: our guests expressed a keen interest in exploring projects with us right there! So, to me, the evening was a great success and I look forward to seeing what's next.
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Wouter Wytenburg
Managing Director in the Netherlands, Infopuse

This dinner was an excellent opportunity to gear up businesses with cost-efficient AI solutions and learn the best advice on how to make AI & ChatGPT work for specific use cases, all while enjoying a delightful meal at one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants.    

We are grateful to all the speakers and guests for their invaluable contributions and insights that made the evening informative and inspirational. We also thank to Loetje Aan 't IJ team for the delightful atmosphere, excellent service, and culinary delights.

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