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Implement SAP Enable Now e-learning platform with Infopulse to quickly create high-quality collaborative content and allow your specialists to effortlessly transfer knowledge to end-users.

We help you
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Increase user-adoption 

Infopulse helps you build an effective user-adoption strategy, allowing end-users to effortlessly adopt new functionality and improve their experience with SAP and non-SAP solutions. 

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Decrease learning curve and costs 

With contextually relevant e-learning materials, documentation content, training simulations, and other materials, you will flatten the learning curve and reduce training costs. 

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Enable successful knowledge transfer 

SAP Enable Now simplifies content creation and management, while Infopulse provides its smooth adoption and integration with your SAP landscape, helping to establish successful knowledge transfer. 

Service categories

Application Deployment and Integration  

Infopulse provides SAP Enable Now solution deployment (Web Assistant and Desktop Assistant) in the cloud or on-premises, depending on your business needs and objectives. Our experts can also help to integrate this e-learning tool with the existing SAP and non-SAP applications and systems.  

Application Customizations  

Depending on your content creation strategy as well as content management needs and business requirements, we implement all kinds of customizations (e.g., interface, custom books, etc.) to extend the default SAP Enable Now functionality, look, and feel.  

Content Creation for SAP Application 

By utilizing built-in SAP Enable Now functionality, including Performance Support, Knowledge Creation, and Soft Skills Training, we help businesses establish an effective content creation process for a specific SAP application, thus enabling the continuous transfer of knowledge from subject matter experts. 

Application and End-user Support 

We ensure full-scale application and end-user support, delivering workshops on content creation and related training activities. 

SAP Enable Now Consulting 

Infopulse is ready to assist our clients with detailed consultations on how to establish the knowledge transfer process rapidly and effectively, leveraging SAP Enable Now capabilities.  



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Improve your end-user experience with SAP systems by using our SAP Enable Now services.

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