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Managed Network Services

Ensure seamless and secure network operations with enterprise-wide managed network services.

We Help You
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Achieve Peak Network Performance 

Our experts will assess the health of your network from the ground up to identify and resolve any issues that hamper your operations, helping you to achieve immaculate network performance.  

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Improve Network Security & Uptime  

Infopulse utilizes advanced network monitoring tools and next-generation firewalls to help you establish robust network security. Mitigate disruptions caused by malware, intrusions, or other cyber threats.  

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Reduce Network Management Costs 

By delegating network management to our team you can optimize costs for network hardware, operations, and maintenance. Moreover, managed network services eliminate the costs for employee training and turnover.  

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Exclude Network Inconsistencies  

We implement the best-in-class tools for network configuration and change management to help you address hardware or software compatibility challenges, improve firewall management, and resolve other network inconsistencies.  

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Bridge Expertise Gaps  

Shortage of IT engineers can result in costly business disruptions. With nearly 400 skilled ICT experts, Infopulse is ready to help you with any aspect of network management – from network design to 24/7 proactive support.  

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Break Free from Vendor Lock-In  

If your network is centered on legacy products from a specific vendor, Infopulse can help. We support networks of all ages and forms and offer fully-fledged network modernization journeys.

What We Do

Managed LAN 

A comprehensive set of end-to-end LAN management processes with fit-for-purpose hardware and software. 

Managed WLAN 

Provides swift and secure user access to the corporate network via wireless devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones).  

Managed Firewall 

Next-generation firewall (NGFW) and remote access-related services to ensure reliable network intrusion prevention.  

Managed Application Delivery Controller (ADC) 

A scalable service that establishes a reverse proxy setup to distribute network or application traffic across multiple servers. It helps to increase the capacity and reliability of applications. 

Managed DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) 

Includes IP scanning, IP address tracking, and management of the respective data. As a result, the inventory of assignable IP addresses remains current and sufficient with advanced IP tools and IPAM services.  

Managed Enhanced Monitoring 

Extended network monitoring services powered by custom templates, scripts, and extra features that augment network visibility while ensuring control of events and proactive response to meet the required SLAs. 

Managed Network Access Control (NAC) 

NAC services enforce security policies, compliance, and access control management to the network. In this way, you can be sure that only authenticated endpoint devices or nodes can access the network.  

Service Categories

Network Audit & Assessment

Our experts analyze your network data to gain a holistic view of your network status, including equipment health, configurations, and network management efficiency. After the audit, we offer an improvement roadmap.

Network Design & Provisioning

Infopulse offers a full-scale network design and provisioning lifecycle that includes network strategy development, architecture design, feasibility testing, network implementation, and optimization.

Network Operations Monitoring

Accurate monitoring of the network resources to identify and eliminate deficiencies, and ensure hassle-free operations.

Flexible & Proactive Network Support

We provide 8/5 or 24/7 network availability monitoring and proactive support that involves issue troubleshooting, reconfiguration of hardware or software, as well as security and compliance management.


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