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About the Customer:

Our customer operates a system that simplifies the distribution of goods and improves sustainability across the supply chain of Nordic FMCGs. The company develops reusable crates and pallets, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions, food waste, product damage, and labor efforts in comparison to disposable packaging.

Business Challenge

The major part of the customer’s infrastructure was maintained on-premises with only a part deployed on AWS. The primary business challenges were to ensure the seamless functioning of the already existing hybrid infrastructure. Later, this would pave the way for the full-scale infrastructure migration to the cloud.

In addition, our customer was collaborating with a third-party vendor, responsible for the development of an ML-driven data analytics solution, which then had to be transferred to the AWS environment.

Thus, in order to ensure further sustainable business growth, our customer had to:

  • Remodel the existing business processes to minimize the participation of in-house specialists in operational activities and redirect their efforts to strategic business tasks
  • Establish professional external expertise for AWS operations
  • Support seamless functioning of AWS servers, databases, and network components
  • Rework the infrastructure to integrate a robust data backup and recovery
  • Ensure efficient event/ incident/ change management according to ITOM best practices
  • Enhance the networking between the on-premises and AWS infrastructure components
  • Develop an AWS-based platform for a machine learning side project
  • Conduct a full-scale cloud-readiness assessment to ensure seamless migration of the entire infrastructure to AWS in the future.
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Infopulse assembled an AWS operations center to address the full scope of the customer’s business challenges. Our experts have implemented a complex RACI matrix to effectively rearrange and distribute responsibilities across teams. The RACI matrix enabled the customer to focus on strategic tasks while being informed about the ongoing operations.

The core part of Infopulse’s AWS operations center activities included the following:

  • Development of thorough runbooks and standard operating procedures (SOPs), and making them available for all parties to enhance the efficiency of AWS operations
  • Implemented 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and event processing with less than 30 minutes reaction time to critical incidents
  • Established a robust backup and recovery across all AWS servers and relational databases (RDS)
  • Improved networking by setting up VPN between the on-premises and AWS-based environments
  • Enhanced the security, control, and visibility of AWS resources by configuring AWS identity and access management (IAM)
  • Set up an AWS-based platform for the customer’s machine learning side project, added and fixed all necessary permissions, and handled AWS support case management
  • Utilized Microsoft Teams and Slack to facilitate communication between all parties, and established multiple channels, sub-channels, groups and configured alerts to quickly inform and engage the respective parties during incidents.

Our experts have also developed a multifunctional ServiceNow-driven solution that focuses on infrastructure automation and ticket management. The solution is integrated with AWS and includes the full list of the customer’s servers. By accessing ServiceNow Cloud Provisioning and Governance, the customer can manage their cloud environment: check the status of their servers, reboot them if needed, and add or remove virtual machines in the AWS environment. The tool is integrated with 24/7 AWS site monitoring to further enhance ticket management. In the future, ServiceNow will help to automate the entire scope of the customer’s AWS operations and monitoring processes after the full-scale migration to AWS. The groundwork for the migration has already been done.

By implementing advanced Autodiscovery tools, the Infopulse team conducted a thorough cloud-readiness assessment for the customer. The scope included a full-scale analysis of the existing environment, architecture design proposal, including a comprehensive list of applications and databases that can be migrated as-is, and those that require full or partial redesign. The assessment also featured the full scope of cost changes and expert advice on which processes must be transferred into PaaS and which should remain in IaaS to achieve maximum cost-efficiency.


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Facts & Figures

Team Size

10 FTE


1 Month

Ongoing 24/7 support

since July 2020

Business Value

Our dedicated AWS operations center enhanced the fault tolerance and efficiency of the customer’s infrastructure by rearranging the responsibilities via a comprehensive RACI matrix and providing a full spectrum of external AWS operations services. As a result, the Infopulse team delivered the following business benefits for our customer:

  • Established an effective backup and recovery that ensures robust security of the customer’s data
  • Access to detailed documentation on the improvement of AWS operations efficiency
  • Ensured seamless 24/7 AWS operations service with quick response times, resulting in 99.9% infrastructure availability
  • No critical incidents and no escalations from the customer or the third-party development team
  • Improved collaboration between all parties and facilitated the customer’s machine learning side project by developing a dedicated AWS platform
  • Implemented a ServiceNow-based solution that provides a holistic view of the infrastructure, optimizes operations, ensures efficient ITOM processes, and paves the way for end-to-end AWS infrastructure operations and monitoring automation
  • Assessed the customer’s cloud readiness and designed a precise and cost-efficient cloud migration scenario.

Upon the successful implementation of the project, the customer extended the partnership with Infopulse to conduct a full-scale migration of their IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud.

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