Infopulse Shares BCP and CSR Activities During War 2022

Infopulse Reports Its Business Continuity Processes 2022

On February 24, 2022, Ukraine faced an unprecedented violation of human rights caused by the Russian military assault. Previously, in autumn 2021, Infopulse formed the BCP (business continuity planning) committee and the Crisis Management Team to prepare the company for the consequences of a potential war.

As of March 24, 2022, the situation in Ukraine is rapidly evolving, with central and western parts of the country remaining relatively safe. Infopulse continues setting up business processes for the new reality while aiming to minimize the impact on customer operations and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our professionals.

In this press release, we have compiled a list of processes and actions put in place to maintain the business activities of Infopulse during the warfare.

Infopulse Business Processes as of March 24, 2022

  • The company’s critical business functions are fully operational.
  • Over 3/4 of Ukrainian specialists have already been relocated to safe locations and countries.
  • Over 90% of our experts continue their regular working activities.
  • More than 30 newcomers joined the company during the last 3 weeks. 150+ job offerings are open.
  • Company offices in western Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria are extended to host relocated production teams.
  • Our engineers from regions undisturbed by the military actions put all their effort to provide regular services and operations to our clients.
  • The BCP team works 24/7 to evacuate our specialists, their families, and pets from dangerous regions.
  • After the evacuation, we provide further assistance by arranging hotel rooms or rental apartments, transportation, essential supplies, and other necessities (sim cards, bank accounts, laptops, as well as legal and health services, if required).
  • The company covers financial support for the team members and their families.
  • We have implemented a mobile application to collect information about our specialists’ status and their help requests.
  • All production IT resources have been transferred to our data center in the EU. Project resources are restored in this data center from backups.
  • All critical information in the HQ data center in Ukraine has been erased for security reasons. The equipment has been transferred to safe and protected locations.
  • Security monitoring and protection of external corporate IT services have been enhanced.
  • Risk assessment of remote operations under the current circumstances has been carried out. The required security measures for remote work have been enabled.

Infopulse CSR Actions as of March 21

During this horrible wartime of the Russian invasion, Infopulse does its utmost to support Ukrainian society and its citizens:

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