10 Big Data Predictions to Prepare for in 2016 and Beyond
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10 Big Data Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2016 and Beyond

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Today, Big Data has become one of the basic factors of IT development. Each year the focus and requirements of Big Data increase at an exponential rate. Read on, to learn TOP 10 Big Data predictions for 2016 and beyond!

Big Data was first mentioned by Clifford Lynch in the Nature magazine in 2008. Since then, the Big Data is no more a concept. Now, it’s everywhere. Since its implementation, Big Data Technology has made a significant leap. Already for 2016, many analysts predict completely new and previously unthinkable technological advances that will let Big Data break new ground in information processing.

1. Inaccurate request — comprehensive answer

The need for the correct query has always been creating difficulties for the proper database operations. The ongoing expansion of the unstructured information processing has reduced the scope of the “right query”. Nowadays, data scientists are striving to improve query-response systems. It will let users receive the most accurate and in-depth information, regardless of the request’s accuracy.

2. Current predictions

Previously, business predictions were mostly based on the outdated information. Data collection and analysis could be rather time-consuming while demanding huge processing power. Nowadays Big Data and Business Intelligence systems allow us to use the freshest, up-to-date information. The implementation of the online real-time data processing will provide users with the most accurate recommendations and predictions.

3. Clear Business Solutions

Online Business Intelligence solutions allow not only getting up-to-date data but also adjusting it in real-time. Thus, any business decisions will become more accurate and as reasonable as possible. It will also allow companies be more flexible, enabling to instantly react to the slightest market fluctuations.

4. One-time request

BeyoundCore CEO and Founder Arijit Sengupta is confident that in 2016 developers will continue enhancing the real-time dynamic display of the information. Even if a user requests information only once, he will receive all relevant data in real time, which would consider all ongoing and past changes. Ideally, this could prevent constant request iterations.

5. Using the cloud to protect information

Working with Big Data through the cloud is an excellent solution for information security. Real-time cloud data processing does not require unnecessary data copies creation and storage.

6. Big Data for people

Up to now, Big Data was available to only a few selected major business players. This year is a game changer. Big Data technologies will soon become available to everyone, thanks to Microsoft and Salesforce initiative to empower regular users with applications that would allow viewing business data.

7. Machine Learning

One of the most important priorities for 2016 is machine learning. All tasks set before Big Data takeover required continuous improvement of software. So, why not let machines learn?

Allowing machines to formulate new knowledge based on the previously obtained experience will allow them to solve new problems independently. This significantly accelerates data processing and reduces the burden on human resources. According to Gartner, a global research organization, the system of machine learning Deep Neural Nets (DNNs) is one of the TOP 10 main strategic technologies in 2016.

8. Human resources problems

The lack of data scientists has become a disaster over the last years. According to the report of the global consulting firm A.T. Kearney, about 72% of the leading firms are now facing this issue. With some steps taken into the right direction, the situation might change soon. Universities are teaching data science graduates, companies are implementing internship programs. Still, even if there will be enough data science specialists, we’ll hardly experience oversaturation of the market. Soon, we’ll meet a shortage of data architects and data management experts.

9. Data streams as a service

After IBM acquired The Weather Company for its data operational capabilities, data streams and predictive analytics might become some sort of a dedicated service. Soon, we may witness the formation of a new data handling market, where companies will sell their data streams or provide data processing services.

10. Market of algorithms

Why reinvent the wheel? In fact, all major algorithms for Big Data have already been invented. Brian Hopkins, Forrester Research leading analyst, asserts that we should expect a rapid development of the algorithms market, making them highly sought after.

We can only wait and see whether the predictions listed above will come true this year or will happen later. There’s one thing we can be sure of: Big Data has grown fast and will continue evolving even more!

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