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ServiceNow Gets Smarter: How Generative AI is Transforming the Platform

ServiceNow, the industry leader in cloud-based digital workflow management, enables millions of users across the globe to streamline and automate critical business processes. However, ServiceNow isn't resting on its laurels. They're continuously innovating, and their latest advancement is the integration of Generative AI.

This article explores the transformative potential of Generative AI within the ServiceNow platform and how it empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of automation.

From Manual to Magic: ServiceNow AI Capabilities

ServiceNow AI Evolution

ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage digital workflows across various departments, has become a leader in AI-powered task management thanks to its ongoing commitment to innovation. Infopulse, a trusted ServiceNow partner, can help you leverage the power of this platform to streamline your operations.

ServiceNow started as a tool for IT service management (ITSM) and help desk but has grown to encompass various departments and business processes such as customer service, HR, risk management, and more. Their AI journey began in 2017 with virtual agents and natural language search. Today, they explore large-scale data management, skills mapping, and Generative AI. Studies suggest that 75% of generative AI's value is concentrated in four areas: customer operations, marketing/sales, software engineering, and R&D.

What sets ServiceNow apart? It's their deep integration of AI with the Now Platform that goes beyond basic automation. It leverages a suite of AI technologies such as conversational, search, predictive, and document intelligence, along with analytics and operational intelligence.

  • Conversational intelligence: this technology powers virtual agents that can answer customer questions and resolve issues, improving self-service capabilities and reducing the burden on live agents. 
  • Search intelligence personalizes search results for users, helping them find the information they need quickly and easily. 
  • Predictive intelligence predicts future events and trends, such as potential service outages or customer churn, allowing businesses to take proactive measures. 
  • Document intelligence: this technology extracts data from documents and automates tasks such as form filling and data entry, improving efficiency and reducing errors. 
  • Analytics: ServiceNow's analytics platform helps businesses gain insights from data, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Operational intelligence incorporates real-time and historical data to provide insights into the health, performance, and efficiency of IT services and workflows. 

These capabilities work together, creating an intelligent ecosystem that automates tasks, empowers employees, and allows businesses to operate at peak efficiency. However, before building such a powerful ecosystem powered by generative AI solutions, a solid foundation is crucial. This is where strong ITSM and ITOM processes come in. We offer a full spectrum of ServiceNow services from consulting to migration, integration, and security.

Or as seen in this case, integrating ServiceNow can significantly improve cloud infrastructure management, creating a centralized and automated solution.

Ticket Automation on ServiceNow Case Promo
Case Study

100% Ticket Automation for Construction Company on ServiceNow

Generative AI Features and ServiceNow AI Use Cases

Here's a closer look at some exciting features and use cases:

  • Case/Incident/Chat Summarization: imagine agents no longer needing to spend hours manually writing reports. Generative AI can automatically analyze case, incident, and chat data, extracting key details and generating concise summaries.
  • Content Creation: knowledge base articles are essential for self-service and employee training. However, creating them can be time-consuming. Generative AI can analyze existing data and best practices to dynamically generate draft content for knowledge base articles.
  • Text-to-Code: developers often spend significant time translating business requirements into code. Generative AI can bridge this gap by translating natural language into functional code. This allows developers to focus on complex logic and innovation.
  • The Generative AI Controller: ServiceNow doesn't stop at individual functionalities. They've introduced the Generative AI Controller, a central hub for managing and optimizing all AI-powered tasks within the platform. This allows organizations to maximize their return on AI investments by ensuring the optimal utilization and performance of these capabilities.
ServiceNow AI Use Cases

ServiceNow's AI Capabilities for Various Industries


Content Creation: generate user manuals and troubleshooting guides for complex telecom products and services. 


Text-to-Code: translate natural language descriptions of farm equipment maintenance procedures into machine-readable instructions for mobile apps or AR interfaces. This improves technician efficiency and reduces the risk of errors during maintenance.


Case/Incident/Chat Summarization: generate summaries of production line issues reported by technicians. This allows engineers to quickly diagnose problems, identify recurring trends, and implement preventative maintenance strategies.

Banking & Finances

Text-to-Code: automate the generation of regulatory compliance reports based on internal data and industry regulations. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures adherence to strict compliance requirements.

Furthermore, McKinsey predicts that Generative AI could deliver substantial value to the banking industry, with an estimated impact from $200 billion to $340 billion annually.

From streamlining workflows in telecom to boosting efficiency in agriculture, ServiceNow's generative AI can deliver transformative benefits across a wide range of industries. The Generative AI Controller further amplifies these benefits by providing a central hub for managing and optimizing AI-powered tasks.

Business Value of ServiceNow AI

By implementing AI automation for ServiceNow, businesses can expect substantial benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency: AI can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic work. 
  • Reduced costs: automating tasks and improving decision-making can lead to significant cost savings. 
  • Enhanced customer experience: AI-powered virtual agents and personalized experiences can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Increased productivity: AI can help employees be more productive by providing them with the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively. 

Different Levels of AI Maturity in ServiceNow

ServiceNow offers a powerful platform for managing IT services, but its effectiveness grows alongside your organization's AI maturity. Let's explore the different levels of AI maturity within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Productivity Maturity Model
  • Automated Level. Customers can log issues themselves, workflows route them to the right agent, and simple issues get resolved automatically.
  • Transformed Level. Processes are transparent, reliable, and automated. You can track effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and use real-time analytics to predict future needs.
  • Optimized Level. Machines manage everything. The platform works proactively based on individual needs, with a unified and mobile-friendly portal tailored for each user.
  • AI-driven Level. Intelligent machines learn and automate tasks, resolving issues faster and uncovering hidden trends.
  • Generative AI Level. AI helps summarize tasks, create content, generate resolution notes, translate comments to code, and turn text into workflows.

Final Words

From content creation and text-to-code to intelligent summarization and data extraction, ServiceNow's Generative AI capabilities unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity. Let Infopulse help your business focus on what truly matters – innovation and strategic growth.

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