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Application & Database Operations

Focus on innovation and growth while Infopulse sustains the ultimate performance, availability, and resilience of your IT landscape. Take advantage of our holistic application & DB management services.

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Establish Unmatched IT Efficiency

Infopulse ensures the outstanding performance of your cloud or hybrid IT ecosystem with comprehensive application and DB administration services, which include routine health checks, 24/7 performance monitoring, and proactive issue troubleshooting.

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Enhance User Experience

Our experts leverage ITSM best practices to enable superior application and DB availability, rapid response, seamless software changes, upgrades, and efficient end-user support to help you foster exceptional customer experience.

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Modernize Legacy Systems

After an in-depth assessment of your app and database interaction, our engineers perform tailored modernization services, ranging from performance tuning or capabilities extension and up to full-scale cloud migration.

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Strengthen Your Security Posture

We establish multilayered application security and robust access control, implement advanced data encryptions and continuous threat monitoring to effectively safeguard your IT environment from data breaches and downtime.

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Focus on Strategic Imperatives

Entrust Infopulse to handle routine app and DB operations and redirect your top talents to valuable strategic tasks. Our services help you focus on business growth while boosting your employee productivity.

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Improve IT Visibility

Our experts conduct holistic application analytics and database audits to help you gain visibility into your IT operations. The delivered insights help you improve resource management, IT process maturity and optimize app/DB performance.

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Optimize Costs

Infopulse offers flexible managed services that can help you drive enterprise-wide cost optimization. You can lower costs for app and database maintenance, exclude employee turnover, reduce management overheads and other TCO expenses.

Our Services

Application & Database Operations

Infopulse provides a full spectrum of application & DB management services to ensure their optimal operations and efficiency. Our service scope is based on ITIL best practices and encompasses all IT management processes, including lifecycle, change, release, event, request, patch management, and others.

Availability & Performance Monitoring

Our experts thoroughly monitor, test, and report the performance status of your applications and DBs to meet the agreed availability levels. We utilize cutting-edge tools to proactively detect and eliminate any issues, thus helping you sustain a fault-tolerant IT environment.

Application & Database Modernization

We run an in-depth application architecture and DB performance analysis to identify possible areas of improvement. Subsequently, our engineers conduct application or DB performance optimization, add new app features, extend DB capacity, make the necessary software changes or updates, or perform full-scale re-engineering of legacy systems.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our engineers establish full, differential, or transactional backup across cloud or hybrid infrastructures. Infopulse utilizes advanced encryptions to safeguard critical data in motion/at rest and ensure minimal RTO as we aim to help our customers sustain robust business continuity.

Application & DB Security

We design and implement holistic security strategies to ensure the all-round protection of your IT infrastructure against any form of cyber threats. Our services encompass in-depth vulnerability assessments, complex security audits, 24/7 threat monitoring, rapid incident response, identity & access management, data loss prevention, and security testing across app and DB lifecycles. 

Cloud Migration Services

Infopulse offers seamless migration of your applications and DBs to Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, or Oracle Cloud. We analyze your IT landscape, create a new infrastructure design, develop a comprehensive strategy, and perform the cloud migration. In addition, we provide performance measurement and daily 24/7 support during the post-migration phase. 



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