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About the Customer:

Origo is a leading Nordic IT service company that helps its customers to enhance their results, success, and security. An official Microsoft Partner, system integrator and hardware distributor, Origo has more than 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT systems and services in both Iceland and Sweden. Origo offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT services and solutions for all industries, as well as provides hardware and relevant solutions from the foremost technology brands to businesses and individuals.

Business Challenge

Origo and Infopulse have established a long-term successful collaboration, having worked together on a number of solution implementation projects to cover both the internal needs of Origo and their clients.

Given that Origo provides numerous services and solutions to various categories of businesses and individuals, Origo needs an effective instrument to manage their internal business processes. Origo was utilizing an on-premises SAP ERP system. Since the older version of the SAP ERP didn’t satisfy the requirements of the continuously growing business, Origo decided to move to SAP S/4HANA– a modern, most advanced in-memory ERP solution. Instead of conducting a system conversion, also known as Brownfield, Origo opted to conduct a full-scale migration, i.e., implementation of the “new” or re-architected SAP S/4HANA system.

To ensure flexibility of resources management and enable additional cost savings, Origo opted to re-host SAP DEV/QAS environments on Microsoft Azure cloud service, while SAP production environment would be hosted locally.

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Infopulse worked closely with Origo internal SAP team, helping to manage numerous aspects of the project implementation process. The companies decided to build a hybrid cloud architecture for Origo and transform the existing SAP landscape:

  • Infopulse conducted installation and configuration of SAP S/4HANA, setting up all the integrations with on-premises per client’s requirements.
  • Hybrid SAP infrastructure was built by leveraging Azure IaaS services in the cloud and establishing the connection to on-premises SAP workloads.
  • Dev and Test (QAS) SAP S/4HANA environments were deployed on Azure by moving (re-hosting) existing VM from the on-premise environment.
  • Production SAP S/4HANA environment will be hosted on-premises due to strict security requirements and the complexity of existing integrations with on-premises apps.
  • Ensured full compatibility of Azure-hosted instances with the production environment by fine-tuning all policies and connections, as well as setting up hybrid connectivity to on-premises-based Active Directory via VPN.

The required Master data will be transferred from the old SAP ERP to the new S/4HANA system before the production go-live as the second phase of the project.

Origo Hybrid SAP Infrastructure Architecture
Origo hybrid SAP infrastructure architecture


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Business Value

The new SAP S/4HANA solution will help Origo manage all internal business processes – from equipment procurement and logistics to CRM, accounting, invoice processing, and financial consolidation.

  • SAP on Azure environments were easier and quicker to deploy than to build a separate infrastructure on-premises.
  • By hosting production environment on-premises and other instances on Azure, Origo reduces expenses on hardware and relevant upgrade and maintenance processes, while maintaining the relevant levels of cybersecurity.
  • A hybrid cloud architecture helps Origo further reduce TCO and facilitates resource management. The ability to turn off Dev & QAS instances when they’re not in use is very cost-effective.
  • The time-to-market for the new requirements implementation and new system versions rollout was significantly improved.
  • The scalability and flexibility of the new SAP on Azure solution reduced efforts required for integration with other Azure services.
  • Project timeframe: October 2019 – May 2020.

After the project finalization in 2020, Infopulse and Origo will continue leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies for Origo’s and their customers’ success.

Customer Quote

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Origo SAP Basis team is very happy with Infopulse and their approach to the project. Infopulse has conducted an excellent job, meeting all challenges with a good understanding, giving good estimates, providing timely feedback, and, most importantly, by flawlessly implementing our ERP transformation strategy.
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Gunnlaugur Th Einarsson
Origo CIO

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