Integration as a Service, Custom Integration Platforms

Integration as a Service

Connect your applications, systems, and services into a unified IT ecosystem. Streamline operations and synchronize data with a full spectrum of cloud-based managed integration services from Infopulse.

We Help You
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Enable Seamless Enterprise Integrations

Infopulse develops custom integration platforms to help you align distributed systems, processes, and data flows into a cohesive IT landscape and enable seamless B2B, SaaS, and IoT integrations across hybrid environments. 

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Automate Workflows

We engineer integration platforms that enable the smart automation of various business processes, such as employee onboarding, procurement, task routing, email sending, document generation, data management, and more. 

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Rapidly Deploy New Integrations

With our help, you can implement a microservices-based, event-driven architecture and benefit from the low-code capabilities of Microsoft Azure to deploy,  edit, or remove custom integrations with little to no effort.

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Focus on Business Growth

Focus on your strategic goals, while Infopulse manages your integration platform. Our experts cover all ITSM processes, monitor platform availability, proactively resolve issues, and deal with third parties. 

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Achieve Dynamic Scalability

The implementation of an integration platform empowers your business with dynamic scalability to effectively control your IT  ecosystem and rapidly address ad-hoc needs for new functionalities or performance boosts. 

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Optimize Costs

With our holistic platform integration services, you can automate repetitive tasks, reduce costs for unnecessary functionality, optimize maintenance expenses, access flexible billing models, and ensure cost-efficient capacity management.

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Enhance Security & Compliance

Infopulse provides a holistic set of measures to ensure a secure-by-design approach in building integration platforms and facilitate compliance with various legal or regulatory standards.

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Break Free from Vendor Lock-in

You won’t have to suffer from service quality declines, volatile prices, or technical limitations imposed by your vendor. Infopulse develops integration platforms that are tailored to your specific business processes and strategic goals.

Our Services

Design & Development

With integration as a service, Infopulse develops advanced integration platforms based on Azure Integration Services. Our experts conduct multiple workshops with the client team to elicit the requirements, design the solution architecture, and create an implementation roadmap. Subsequently, we engineer, test, and roll out the platform. Finally, we ensure a smooth transition to the operations services.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide holistic operations services for the platform we have developed or for your existing integration platform after a knowledge transfer session. Our services encompass performance and availability monitoring along with root cause analysis and preventive maintenance to mitigate potential bottlenecks. We also provide the deployment of hotfixes and patches, required to solve issues, as well as lifecycle management of the platform components.

User Support

Infopulse delivers flexible functional and technical platform support services. Our team fixes the platform configuration issues, eliminates software conflicts, and rapidly identifies, manages, and resolves errors. We also support the end-users after major changes or updates, consolidate all tickets in a case management system, and report them to the client.

Service Management

Our integration management services are based on ITIL best practices to help you sustain an efficient and future-proof integration platform. Infopulse services cover the full spectrum of IT management processes, including event, incident, problem, change, knowledge, and release management. 

Third-party Management

To help you maintain a unified and robust IT ecosystem, our team provides third-party integration management services. We collaborate with external vendors to apply the necessary architecture or workflow changes to your integration platform and swiftly resolve any issues related to third-party software. 

Continuous Improvement

Our experts can enhance the capabilities of your integration platform by constantly reviewing and improving its architecture, adding new features or integrations, and modernizing the platform components. In addition, Infopulse provides advisory services to help you optimize workflows and ensure cost-efficient resource consumption.

DevOps Services

To improve the development efficiency and accelerate time-to-market, we can form a dedicated DevOps team that is responsible for the integration operations, monitoring, CI/CD pipeline management, and iterative development according to your business and technical requirements.

API Integration & Management

Our team can build API integration solutions based on Azure Integration Services to help you rapidly create APIs, connect legacy systems, and automate complex workflows. Moreover, we offer API strategy consulting along with the implementation and customization of API management platforms from various vendors to empower your business with a centralized, secure, and efficient API lifecycle.


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