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European Safety Leader Accelerates Software Development with Azure DevOps




Cooperation period:

2017 - present


Software & Hi-Tech



About the Customer:

Founded in 1995, Sector Alarm Group is the second-largest alarm company in Europe, with a yearly turnover of over 240 million euros in 2018. Sector Alarm Group provides security services for households and small businesses with close to 550,000 customers in six European countries.

Business Challenge

As a forward-thinking industry leader, Sector Alarm aims to be mobile for its employees and omnipresent for its customers. A variety of applications and solutions developed in-house by Sector Alarm required a modern approach to organizing operational processes.

To help the in-house team deliver the utmost value, Sector Alarm partnered with Infopulse to enhance its software development and delivery processes with more DevOps expertise and capacity. Boosting the internal team capabilities with Infopulse DevOps resources helped Sector Alarm implement DevOps best practices, migrate business systems to the cloud, as well as reorganize and enhance the development process.

European Safety Leader Accelerates Software Development with Azure DevOps - Case Image


Sector Alarm teamed up with Infopulse to accellerate the modernization of the software development processes by embracing DevOps methodology:

  • Implementation of DevOps best practices and principles;
  • Migration of on-premises systems (business systems) to the Microsoft Azure cloud;
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps for products in development;
  • Testing and planning for implementation of Application Performance monitoring (to enable end-to-end visibility in business systems);
  • Governance of Azure resources with a standardized approach to documentation;
  • Reduction of security and performance risks by moving from manual to automated deployment;
  • 100 Web applications were migrated, including 3 Web applications which were re-hosted to Azure;
  • Project timeframe: January 2018 – December 2018 (migration part), January 2019 – present (support part).

Business Value

A new approach to software production allowed Sector Alarm to boost its development process, rebalance internal resources to improve the performance capacity and establish a framework for further development, thanks to:

  • Automated delivery processes enabled by Azure DevOps;
  • Accelerated deployment time — hours instead of weeks from release to production;
  • Enhanced information security;
  • Improved compliance by restricting access to end-users’ personal data;
  • Eliminated bottlenecks in production associated with manual deployment.

While having achieved great success at the current stage, Sector Alarm and Infopulse proceed with further modernization of the development process to enforce Sector Alarm digital strategy.

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