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Identity and Access Management Upgrade for a Large Media Holding

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About the Customer:

Our client is the leading Ukrainian broadcasting company and one of the largest media businesses in Europe. The company manages a number of TV channels along with media and advertising firms and has several dedicated production units within the holding that specialize in TV series, films, commercials, etc. Close to 98% of Ukrainians watch TV shows and series daily, broadcasted by the company channels. Its advertising share equals to 1/3 of the total volumes nationwide, with about 80% of TOP100 advertisers entrusting their brands’ promotion to the holding. Apart from its core business, the holding is engaged in video production equipment rentals, creating scenery settings, and developing in-house digital solutions.

Business Challenge

Our client owns a set of local TV channels, whose infrastructure has been developing independently with separate domains and different IT departments. The client was on the lookout for a vendor, who would help consolidate the existing catalog of services to make them more secure and easier to manage.

Along with the on-premises Active Directory tune-up, the customer wanted to transfer its legacy email system to the cloud. To implement the latter, Azure AD needs to be in place. Besides, as a result of the project, the company was planning to lower maintenance costs and reduce internal tech support workload.

Identity and Access Management Upgrade for a Large Media Holding - Infopulse case study


Since all subsidiaries were working in separate domains and infrastructures, Infopulse helped the client exit the legacy mode of operations and consolidated all the existing domains. We set up a hybrid email infrastructure and Azure Exchange Online with a further partial cloud migration of the email services and migrated users’ accounts. As a result, the client received a modern hybrid IT infrastructure with the consolidated domain.

Hybrid identity implementation. To enable Microsoft 365 and Azure, we needed to introduce Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) that would create a hybrid identity within on-premises Active Directory.

Creating migration roadmap. In close collaboration with the holding’s technical experts, Infopulse helped the media company to successfully migrate the first 150 end-users. During the architecture discussions and workshops, we came up with the migration roadmap that allowed us to significantly speed up the process. To achieve that, we took a shortcut, skipping a few conventional steps and migrating email data directly to the cloud without shifting it from domain to domain on-premises. This migration roadmap would now help the internal IT team of the client to finalize the remaining migration scope.

The client now plans to add Azure MFA to its internal solutions and use it in conjunction with VPN and Fortinet network security products, looking forward to implementing security services that are available in Azure Premium P2.

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Within our project, we successfully merged independent IT infrastructures of the client’s subsidiaries, infusing a powerful cloud component by Microsoft. Beyond that, the newly built unified hybrid IT infrastructure now perfectly matches the business dynamic of the media company and addresses the modern-day challenges. Infopulse team is proud to have helped the largest broadcasting holding in the country to level up its security, simplify and increase the transparency of user authentication.
Dmytro Riabenko
Engagement Manager, Cloud Managed Services and Solutions, Infopulse


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Business Value

By implementing a hybrid IT infrastructure with the latest Microsoft cloud technologies and consolidating IT infrastructures of all company’s subsidiaries under one roof, Infopulse helped the client achieve the following:

  • Dynamic infrastructure reflects the fast-paced industry of media business which the client is part of. Cloud services match the nature of the media business perfectly: with most TV shows running on a project basis, it is easy to wipe off the data of the past projects as well as introduce temporary end-users and no longer pay for the subscription of those end-users whose contract has ended.
  • The company elevated its security level by implementing a unified standard for all subsidiaries.
  • The client’s end-users now work in a unified IT ecosystem with simple and transparent authentication. Hybrid identity based on Azure AD increased IT security and lowered the workload for the support team.
  • Azure AD Premium allows users to change their passwords without the external help of an IT administrator by adding security questions. Besides, with Azure AD Premium, multi-factor authentication can be easily integrated with the 3rd party applications, allowing for better security of the latter.

Following the success, simplicity, and efficiency of using cloud services, the client expressed interest in implementing Microsoft Endpoint Management to further enhance its cloud migration strategy and allow for frictionless service setup and administration, as well as better security of working stations.

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