Infopulse Joins the BSS Tour Katowice 2023 by ProProgressio

Infopulse at The BSS Tour Katowice: Sharing Expert Insights on Business Support Services

Infopulse took part in The BSS Tour Katowice, in collaboration with ProProgressio. This exclusive forum held on November 27-28, addressed the daily operational and HR challenges faced by BPO/GBS/SSC centers.    

The event provided an exciting opportunity to delve into the complexities that had impacted the BSS sector's growth in 2023. Key focus areas included:

  • The latest market data
  • The impact of AI on GBS business
  • Changing processes and investment trends

Our Head of Business Development and Marketing, Lukasz Olechnowicz, was a speaker at the event. On November 28, Lukasz, along with industry experts Eliza De Campos Pegado, Marcin Nowak, Przemyslaw Siuda, and Wiktor Doktór, discussed "Nearshoring or Friendshoring in the BSS".      

As we approach the end of the year, it was the perfect time to gain insights, share experiences, and collectively chart the course for the future of the BSS sector.

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