Infopulse: Cloud Talks in Hamburg

Cloudification in Menu: Infopulse Had Guests at a Tech Business Dinner in Hamburg

On September 14th, we could not miss the opportunity to gather tech-minded enthusiasts for a delightful conversation on first things first for any modern business.

At our latest event, “How to Design the Cloud Migration Strategy & Go Low-code: Doing It Right”, we had the guests over for a business dinner in Hamburg’s Four Seasons Hotel, discussing cloudification scenarios and more:    

  • The many faces of Infopulse expertise. Global presence and centers of excellence.
  • Smooth. Smart. Successful: Designing a tailored cloud migration roadmap.
  • Low-code takeover: Creating new solutions with ease; refactoring legacy apps to suit the cloud.

Together with invitees, we went through the ropes of a good cloudification strategy and concluded that there’s no particular season to start the migration – it makes sense to begin now.     

Our subject-matter experts Christian JendreczekMegan HughesMichaela Dank shared their views and recommendations with guests for keeping a business always afloat.

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Partnering for success is what we do delivering cloud services to our global customers. When others see nothing but challenges, Infopulse senses an opportunity to excel. We harbor no secret from our long-standing partners, prospects, and clients: Infopulse is upfront about the problems our engineers and solution consultants can rid them of. Their complete loyalty is what we get in return.
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Christian Jendreczek
Head of Infopulse Germany and CEO of Infopulse Europe

Beyond our cloud exploration, we touched the base with the low-code approach that took the app development by storm.    

Infopulse is looking forward to hosting more thought-provoking discussions among the global business community.

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