Microsoft event in Berlin: Infopulse at client & partner talks

Infopulse at Summer Talks in Berlin: Sharing Opinions with Microsoft Partners & Customers

On June 14th, Infopulse took part in the offline conversations held at Microsoft’s “Hybrid Scenarios for the Public Sector” event in Berlin. It was a day full of forward-looking discussions and reflections on the current state of the government-controlled and managed part of the economy and its future potential. 

Our Head of German Market, Christian Jendreczek, and Megan Hughes, our business analyst, had the opportunity to present the case on “Best practices: hybrid approaches with SAP, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365“, sharing our hands-on experience on such scenario’s design and implementation with other public segment experts and visionaries.

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Infopulse is glad to be among the change agents whether in private or public segment of the global economy. Every day, we experiment in our Partnership with the latest Microsoft technologies to create multi-layered offerings for our customers that serve as a catalyst for their organizational transformation.
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Ralf Hertneck
Strategic Advisor (Microsoft), Cloud Value

The other invitees – Microsoft partners and customers in the public domain – offered a series of presentations on low-code development for business process upgrades, hybrid use cases with SAP, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 as well as insights on the sovereign cloud.

Infopulse is glad to be on the same page with global tech leaders that value strong partner relations and appreciate the power of cutting-edge tech and enterprise management systems that help public organizations and businesses worldwide evolve.     

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