Meet Infopulse at TNW 2024 in Amsterdam on June 20-21

Meet Infopulse at TNW Conference 2024

For the second year in a row, we are going to TNW 2024, Europe’s leading tech conference and we invite you to share this experience with us!  

On June 20-21, join us in Amsterdam and say ‘Hello’ to our team at Infopulse Booth, just a stone’s throw from the TNW Talks Stage. Stop by the Infopulse team to talk’n’learn about how we use process automation and AI to help businesses around the world save resources!   

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Mindful AI Framework: Learn to Use AI Only Where It Actually Helps

Kateryna Rystsova, Head of Tech Presales | June 20, 14:30 | Masterclass Stage

  • Custom-made framework to make mindful decisions on AI & Digital Assistants in business
  • Tool to verify when it makes practical sense for your company to use AI
  • AI: trendy or handy? Apply AI only when it actually saves your time and resources
  • Real cases of mindful AI already delivering results for businesses

Meet our TNW 2024 team

Wouter Wytenburg
Managing Director in the Netherlands 
Kateryna Rystsova
Head of Tech Presales
Viktor Galenko
Engagement Manager
Yuliia Aksenenko
Yuliia Aksenenko
Business Development Manager 
Sven Oestlund1
Sven Östlund
Lead Business Developer

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