Microsoft Power Automate

Automate processes between applications and services with the hassle-free and drag-and-drop approach of Power Automate

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Automate Processes 

Learn how to easily build automated flows for mundane tasks with drag-and-drop tools and a low-code approach 

Integrate with Apps  

Infopulse experts help you connect your applications to various data sources to prevent silos and enable transparency 

Improve ROI 

With automated processes, you reduce the deployment costs significantly and redirect financial resources into growth 

Reduce Human Errors

We can increase the accuracy of your data and decision-making by automating repetitive high-volume tasks 

Drive Insights  

Benefit from data-based decisions powered by valuable insights as they are collected from your business processes  

Service categories

Planning and Assessment  
  • Tailoring Power Automate / Power Automate Desktop workflow processes to your business needs 
  • Project requirements documentation
  • RPA implementation roadmap
  • In-depth business process analysis
  • Interviews with business domain specialists and source system experts
Power Automate Design and Development 
  • Development of advanced RPA solutions 
  • Applying AI and ML models (optional)
  • End-to-end system integrations, website parsing, OCR, custom RPA development (optional)
  • Integration into the business environment
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Measurement of automation metrics
Migration from Legacy Workflows 
  • Identifying business processes for migration 
  • Optimizing triggers for workflows
  • Building workflows with existing templates
  • Migrating legacy workflows to Power Automate
Power Automate Integrations 
  • Integrating Power Apps with 300+ ready-to-use connectors  
  • Enterprise systems integration with Microsoft Azure Integration Services and Logic Apps
  • Connecting online and on-premises systems
Support and Maintenance   
  • User requests registration and processing  
  • Incident management
  • Network support functions
  • Software installations
  • Configuration of applications


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