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Automate processes between applications and services with the hassle-free and drag-and-drop approach of Power Automate

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Automate Processes 

Learn how to easily build automated flows for mundane tasks with drag-and-drop tools and a low-code approach 

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Integrate with Apps  

Infopulse experts help you connect your applications to various data sources to prevent silos and enable transparency 

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Improve ROI 

With automated processes, you reduce the deployment costs significantly and redirect financial resources into growth 

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Reduce Human Errors

We can increase the accuracy of your data and decision-making by automating repetitive high-volume tasks 

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Drive Insights  

Benefit from data-based decisions powered by valuable insights as they are collected from your business processes  

Service categories

Planning and Assessment  
  • Tailoring Power Automate / Power Automate Desktop workflow processes to your business needs 
  • Project requirements documentation
  • RPA implementation roadmap
  • In-depth business process analysis
  • Interviews with business domain specialists and source system experts
Power Automate Design and Development 
  • Development of advanced RPA solutions 
  • Applying AI and ML models (optional)
  • End-to-end system integrations, website parsing, OCR, custom RPA development (optional)
  • Integration into the business environment
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Measurement of automation metrics
Migration from Legacy Workflows 
  • Identifying business processes for migration 
  • Optimizing triggers for workflows
  • Building workflows with existing templates
  • Migrating legacy workflows to Power Automate
Power Automate Integrations 
  • Integrating Power Apps with 300+ ready-to-use connectors  
  • Enterprise systems integration with Microsoft Azure Integration Services and Logic Apps
  • Connecting online and on-premises systems
Support and Maintenance   
  • User requests registration and processing  
  • Incident management
  • Network support functions
  • Software installations
  • Configuration of applications


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