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SAP SuccessFactors

As an official vendor and experienced provider of SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, Infopulse helps our customers transform their Human Capital Management processes, reimagining their employee experience and operating model

We Help You
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Revolutionize Your HR Processes

With the adoption of advanced cloud HCM solutions, you reshape critical HR processes and transform the operating model. We help align your employees’ goals with your business strategies and objectives.

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Enhance Workforce Engagement and Performance

By utilizing employee goal management, performance assessment, effective coaching, and feedback, you can engage the best talents, upgrade employees’ skills, and dramatically improve the engagement index and performance of your employees.

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Bring up Leaders Focused on Your Business

With the best-in-class HCM applications and our SAP SuccessFactors expertise, we help you build a productive environment that allows to bring up leaders and highly professional experts, focused on your business needs.

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Effectively Plan Your Workforce

At a time of global talent shortages and an aging workforce, it is critical to enable strategic, long-term workforce planning, allowing you to cover your upcoming project needs and ensure the continuity of your business operations.

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Improve Productivity of Your HR System

Our holistic approach to HR system transformation allows increasing its productivity and level of self-service, decreasing time spent on micromanagement and daily HR activities.

Our Services

Digital Transformation of HR System

We help our customers transform their HCM strategies and functions through a reimagined employee experience. Infopulse consultants analyze customers’ Blueworks Process Maps, leverage HR Process Design Method, and apply best practices to the whole HR process and SAP SuccessFactors solutions implementation.

SAP SuccessFactors Apps Deployment

As a reliable provider of HR systems and an experienced provider of SAP SuccessFactors, Infopulse deploys SAP SuccessFactors cloud solutions by using our preconfigured templates and best practices for HR systems digitization.

SAP SuccessFactors Consulting
  • Review of an existing HR strategy
  • Fit/Gap analysis of customer’s specific requirements
  • Talent and organizational consulting
  • Solution configuration and design
  • HR systems development, deployment, and implementation
System and End-user Support 

We provide comprehensive post-implementation solution support, end-user training and support, following the latest HR trends and technologies. We help end-users get accustomed to various SAP SuccessFactors functionality.



Revolutionize your HR processes: Choose Infopulse for SAP SuccessFactors Integration.

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