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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services as Advanced Diagnostics of Cyber Threats

Penetration testing services by Infopulse help companies to assess the security of their information systems, reduce business risks and enhance protection against professional hacking attacks. Our pen testing service package ensures that customers achieve an economically effective risk management by reaching a proper level of resistance against cyber threats.

Penetration Testing Facts & Advantages:

  • Qualified pen testing service provider: 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity.
  • Certified professionals: (ISC)2: CISSP, SSCP; ISACA: CISA, CISM, CRISC; EC Council: CEH; The Business Continuity Institute: CBCI; ITIL: Experts; PCI SSC PCIP; ISA: CFS; Qualys: QCS and others.
  • Certified to meet international standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, PAS 99, ISAE 3402 type II, and ISO 14001:2015.
  • Security standards and regulations: ISF SoGP, NIST, BS25999, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.
  • Security assessment methodologies and frameworks: EC-Council, NIST SP800-115, PTES, OWASP, etc.

Selected Software, Tools & Technologies used:

  • Penetration testing solutions: Acunetix, Aircrack-ng, BeEF, Burp Suite, Cain & Abel, Colasoft Packet Builder, DNSstuff, Fiddler, Firebug, hping, Hydra, ike-scan, JMeter, John the Ripper, Kali Linux, Kismet, MBSA, netcat, Nikto, OpenVAS, Paterva Maltego, pstools, Rapid7 NeXpose and Metasploit, SAINT, Shodan, Smtpmap/Smptscan, socat, Social Engineering Toolkit, sqlmap, Tenable Nessus, Wikto, Wireshark, Wpscan, Xenotix, Zed Attack Proxy.

Penetration Testing (pentest)

A series of advanced vulnerability exploitation simulations, conducted mainly manually by external security specialists onsite and providing a deeper insight into security. Penetration Testing is a more thorough targeted security assessment with the intention to check overall security posture of the software, “penetrate” a site, service or internal network, or certain security controls, taking up to 2-4 weeks.

Penetration Testing Services can be tuned in complexity to Vulnerability Assessment or extended to Red Teaming. Each type of pentesting services offers a variety of benefits and answers a specific purpose depending on particular business needs, the complexity of infrastructure, project budget, etc.

  1. Vulnerability Assessment

    A basic automated scanning and analysis to find most security issues and vulnerabilities and suggest remediation measures, usually taking less than 1 week.

  2. Red Teaming (Simulated Targeted Attacks)

    The most advanced targeted pentest with the aim to achieve particular objectives. Before the start, the customer (with or without our help) defines the most valuable assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity, availability or other security-related business requirements. After the pentest limitations and conditions are defined, Infopulse develops secure pentest scenarios and test cases and dynamically adjusts them during the pentest. Commonly, Red Teaming methodology requires the approval of the complex simulated activities, such as covert visibility, social engineering and a mix of cyber-physical attacks. This project may take up to 3-5 weeks.

Methods and Activities We Use During Pentests

Our approach to pen testing includes comprehensive planning, develop attack vectors and scenarios, and define dozens of test parameters. Our consultants perform automated and manual Black-, Grey- and White-box testing. The scope of work provided includes: vulnerability analysis; traffic interception and analysis; all kinds of network and local attacks and manipulations; RAM analysis; password brute force tests; reverse engineering (including disassembling, decompilation, debugging) of applications, data, electronic systems; social engineering and other methods. We develop and use exploits, do post-exploitation and produce very detailed reports with executive summaries.

Selected Penetration Testing Services

Whether your company needs the full-scale network and infrastructure manual penetration testing, or a quick scanning of selected systems, Infopulse is your business partner of choice. Pen testing can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements or situation and focus on particular domains of your company’s application security, business infrastructure, and staff.

  • Web services and web application penetration tests;
  • Network perimeter, DMZ, wireless network penetration tests;
  • Penetrating a client-server system, desktop, or mobile application;
  • Assessment of resistance to multi-layered attacks;
  • Social engineering penetration testing;
  • Password policies security assessment;
  • Industrial IT environment penetration test (Industrie 4.0, SCADA, etc.);
  • Insider penetration test;
  • Assessment of Anti-DDoS solution efficiency;
  • Web application stress test and others;
  • Checking your employees’ response in case of security incidents.
  • Physical security system penetration tests.

Related Client Cases

ING Bank Ukraine

Security consulting complex project – black and white box penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and infrastructure configuration weak spots, recommendations on improvements to security and risks mitigations. Read full ING Bank Ukraine case study

Bosch Security Systems

Infopulse conducted the whole scope of security services, namely penetration tests and deep technical security analysis of the physical security management solutions and the devices’ embedded software. Read full Bosch Security Systems case study

EU Firm, a former HP subsidiary

Security audit across administrative, logical and physical security domains to satisfy strict security requirements.

EVRY, a large Nordic IT Group

Web security assessment according to OWASP methodology of the large online portal for a big Scandinavian company.

European B2B Digital Services Provider

Preliminary vulnerability assessment and manual penetration testing of three external websites. Penetrating was conducted against the supporting environment such as servers and network devices. Infopulse identified a number of vulnerabilities across networks and IP addresses and developed a vulnerability mitigation plan.