[Webinar] Fortify Your Defenses: Talks about Security Perimeter

Fortify Your Defenses: Talks about Security Perimeter

Are you worried about the security of your network perimeter in today's digital world? That’s a common concern for many enterprises navigating the modern security landscape with its blurred boundaries and evolving risks. 

Register to watch a recording of our webinar to discover the most frequent cyber threats and best practices to ward them off through the lens of real-world case studies from the Fintech, Manufacturing, and Energy industries.

Dmytro Sirosh with his 16 years of IT security virtuosity and Kostiantyn Losinskyi, bringing in 15+ years in the information security industry, have shared actionable insights and solutions on the example of real-life cases.


This webinar is for:

  • C-Suite executives and managers – to better understand the potential vulnerabilities of the network and how it affects the company's reputation as a trustworthy business partner. Build trust with customers and gain a competitive edge.
  • Cybersecurity department heads – to learn about the latest security technologies and techniques to secure the network perimeter. Mitigate security risks and ensure data safety.


  • What is network perimeter and how it looks today
  • The most widespread threats from malware to devices and outdated software
  • The most common access vectors for perimeter and identities (vulnerabilities in VPN solutions, firewalls, forgotten servers, and services)
  • Scenarios of failed security perimeter cases and lessons learned
  • Identity solutions: Password policy, MFA, Identity protection, Defender for Identity, and possible SOC contribution to identity security
  • Perimeter solutions: Firewall + VPN, Network scanning, IDS/IPS/WAF, monitoring with SOC, and perimeter penetration testing
  • Q&A session

Our Speakers

Kostiantyn Losinskyi, Security Expert at Infopulse 
Kostiantyn Losinskyi
Security Expert at Infopulse
Dmytro Sirosh, Managed Services Manager at Infopulse 
Dmytro Sirosh
Security Portfolio Manager at Infopulse

Immediate Rewards You Get

  • A roadmap for implementing efficient perimeter protection
  • Security perimeter best practices according to MCRA

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