Infopulse webinar on data protection and security

Security 2.0. How to Combat Data Breaches, Elude Fines & Reputational Damage

This event is for:

  • Chief Information Security Officers – to elevate data governance, security monitoring and control.
  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers – to scale organizational threat resistance when planning and deploying information protection initiatives and strategy.


  • Data threats: How much does it cost to lose it all to Ransomware?
  • Threat-proof architecture: How to build a secure data protection landscape: secure your mail, identity, and personal data.
  • Microsoft Purview: Why do you need to safeguard organizational data across clouds, systems, and devices? Elevating your data risk management: a helicopter view of information assets.
  • Use-cases:
    • Data protection for admins and privileged users.
    • Data discovery: mining meaningful patterns.
    • GDPR-driven personal data protection.
    • Dismissed employees’ documents protection.
    • Ransomware attacks: evolution of data exfiltration. Sustainability.
  • Why do you need to plan data protection thoroughly and design a clear-cut deployment roadmap?
  • Data protection baseline: How to make use of Microsoft's free offering.
  • Extras: What's more to data protection? Explore SOC, user risk levels, and unusual scenarios monitoring.
  • Q&A session

Industries & topics in focus:

  • BFSI: personal data, banking discretion, and financial privacy, fending databases.
  • Telecom: keeping private data, files, and documents safe.
  • Manufacturing: protecting patents. Inventions and intellectual property.
  • Healthcare: HIPAA compliance.

Our Speakers

Kostiantyn Losinskyi
Kostiantyn Losinskyi
Expert Security Specialist, Infopulse
Dmytro Sirosh
Dmytro Sirosh
Security Portfolio Manager at Infopulse

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