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Microsoft Sentinel

Unlock the capabilities of a cloud-native SIEM & SOAR solution from Microsoft, delivered by Infopulse – a long-term Microsoft partner.

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Harness the Benefits of a Cloud-Native Solution

Experience the integrity of a security solution created in the cloud. Designed by a leading vendor, it encompasses the world’s best practices for security and data compliance.

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Deploy in an Instant

Leverage the capabilities of a single SIEM & SOAR solution in a matter of weeks – thanks to built-in rules and connectors, as well as seamless data integration with native and third-party business applications.

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Achieve Cost-Efficiency

Avoid significant investments and reduce operational costs with a pay-as-you-go licensing approach. The flexibility of Sentinel allows you to scale up and down anytime as you align the usage with your current needs.

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Centralize Your Security Data

Provide relevant security information to both IT specialists and the management team from a single control panel. We help configure vivid data visualization and dashboards to deliver data in the best way.

What We Do

  • Analytic use case setup 
  • Log sources management
  • Usage reports
  • Playbook configuration
  • Configuration of security automation and orchestration rules
  • Alert rules deployment
  • Data connector development
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Data visualization
  • Consumption optimization
  • Knowledge transfer
  • License optimization
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Service Categories


Explore the capabilities of a cloud-native security solution from Microsoft with the help of the Infopulse security team. Our experts guide you through every aspect, from solution architecture and implementation to on-demand audits and custom development. 


Improve your team efficiency and productivity by automating routine day-to-day security operations via the SOAR component of Microsoft Sentinel. With integrated orchestration and automation of common tasks, you achieve faster processes, reduced chance of error, and accelerated response to threats. 

Architecture Design 

Facilitate your security strategy by getting a solution design that meets your demands. Infopulse helps align Microsoft Sentinel development with your business needs, long-term goals, and existing infrastructure. The architecture design service also includes solution cost and license optimization. 

Sentinel Implementation 

Ensure seamless integration of the security solution into your IT landscape by delegating it to Infopulse. Our experts provide a full range of services you might need when introducing Sentinel to your organization: 

  • Custom development 
  • Sentinel integration
  • Migration to Sentinel

Leverage your current Sentinel solution and achieve more with the same software. With a thorough audit and the following actionable plan, Infopulse professionals can reconfigure the platform to achieve ultimate performance and make sure that it covers all your needs.  

Operations and Support 

Delegate ponderous maintenance of the Sentinel solution to Infopulse. Our experts handle everyday operations to ensure that your security tools are up and ready, including threat detection and incident response. We perform careful administration, regular updates of solution components, and the ongoing support of your system.



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