Infopulse 2021 Sustainable Development Report

Infopulse Publishes Sustainable Development 2021 Report, Reveals the Key Factors of Success

In 2021 Infopulse celebrated 30 years since its foundation. The company was born the same year when Ukraine gained its independence and economical freedom in 1991. For us, these two dates are inseparable: the more power and strength Ukraine gained, the more opportunities Infopulse had.

Business Achievements

Starting from a small office and 7 people back in 1991, today Infopulse is a globally trusted Partner for Digital Transformation with a team of over 2,300 specialists and serving clients in more than 40 countries.

In 2021 we celebrated 17 years of successful partnership with Microsoft. Besides, for 4 years in a row, Infopulse was honored to be named among the world’s best outsourcing providers, according to IAOP®.

As we always look for new solutions for our clients to help them operate businesses effectively, 2021 was not an exception – we launched a number of technical solutions in various areas: from compliance management to project management and analytics.

We also increased our geographic presence as we opened a new office in Brazil. Moreover, 3 years after starting our business in Poland, Infopulse has been recognized as the Top IT outsourcing company in the local market.

CSR & Sustainability Efforts

Sustainable development is the core element of Infopulse’s culture, values, and business. We strive to provide meaningful experiences for all our stakeholders as we put effort into the development of society.  Our business strategy goals are implemented in accordance with the UN principles of sustainable development, with a special focus on four of them.

In the course of 2021, we participated in many noble missions as we put our efforts into improving society and the environment and helping those in need. Our main CSR achievement was the “Health Truck” project, which started in 2020 with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In less than 2 years we collected $100k and equipped 24 healthcare institutions across the country with protective equipment and modern devices, saving the lives of health workers and their patients.

Protecting Our People and Country

We firmly believe that the success of the company depends on getting the “right people on the bus”, quoting Jim Collins’s “From Good to Great”. Infopulse specialists are our most precious asset, driving the company ahead. Always seeking new ideas, starving for knowledge, ready for challenges – this is how Infopulsers are. And what is more, our people share the same values – sincerely and openly.

2022 was overshadowed by the escalation of the russian aggression against Ukraine. The war started. We had a clear business continuity plan to operate as a company. But individually no one immediately had a plan at hand on how to live further, how to cope with the tragedy, and where to find the resources. Here is when the factor of “right people” came into full effect – within the first hours we saw tremendous cooperation between Infopulsers. And since then our efforts have only grown as we continue to support Ukraine, its citizens, and the Ukrainian army together with our long-term charity partner.

In the end, all our efforts and productive results in 2021 were not achieved by mere chance. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability lie in the DNA of Infopulse since the very birth of the company 30 years ago.

Discover our achievements in the 2021 Sustainable Development Report and join our charity campaign – #StandWithUkraine!


Infopulse Sustainable Development 2021 Report

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