Infopulse 2023: Q2 Recap and News

Revealing Q2, 2023 Highlights: Recognitions, Partnerships, and Engaging Events

In Q2 2023, Infopulse showcased remarkable achievements and fruitful collaborations. First and foremost, Infopulse Poland, the second largest company hub, celebrated its 5th anniversary this year. Last year, Infopulse expanded its presence in Poland by opening new offices in Łodz, Gdansk, and Bydgoszsz, followed by a move to a larger office in Warsaw in 2023.

Now, let us take you through other remarkable highlights of Q2 2023.


Celebrating Excellence: Awards and Recognitions

Infopulse maintained its winning streak from April to June, accumulating impressive awards and earning well-deserved recognition for its talented specialists: 

  • Pro Progressio Awards: Infopulse Poland received the ‘Best Developer’ award, while Lukasz Olechnowicz, Head of Business Development and Marketing and Chief Transformation Officer, was recognized as the ‘Manager of the Year’ for exceptional leadership.
  • TOP 100 Publisher of 2023: Infopulse's PACE Products earn recognition by ComponentSource, distinguishing Infopulse as one of the TOP 100 Publishers for our innovative application packaging tools.

Forging Strategic Partnerships 

This quarter yielded productive results in terms of strategic partnerships:


Empowering Knowledge Sharing

From April through June, Infopulse organized informative webinars and in-person events on critical topics: 


Delivering Impactful Solutions

Infopulse also showcased our expertise in project implementation with three notable examples:

  • We implemented a centralized e-learning solution for the Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine, enhancing the learning experience for Ukrainian schoolchildren in times of full-scale war.
  • Infopulse specialists developed a Big Data application on AWS for One of the Big 4, automating data processing and optimizing analytics. 
  • We built a sales forecasting solution for a leading agro-holding in Ukraine and Europe, achieving 80-90% accuracy of forecasts, using the Prophet model for weekly predictions and XGBoost for monthly predictions.

Engaging with the Industry and Community: Notable Events

In Q2, Infopulse actively participated in industry events and conferences, fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities to stay ahead in the industry.

  • Christian Jendreczek, Head of Infopulse Germany and CEO Infopulse Europe, attended the prestigious DMEA event in Germany. His active participation contributed to advancing digital health and fostering collaboration among industry leaders.
  • Infopulse's Sten Major and Christian Jendreczek attended the IT Summit in Berlin on May 9-10th, discussing how to lead a business during challenging times with a focus on resilience and continuity planning. 
  • In May, Infopulse also engaged with the community by celebrating Vyshyvanka Day, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine.
  • Being one of the companies that stands at the origins of the Ukrainian IT industry, Infopulse had the privilege of attending a special preview of the documentary ‘The First Code’, which sheds light on the birth and evolution of Ukrainian IT.
  • On June 15-16th, Infopulse exhibited and spoke at the TNW Conference 2023 in Amsterdam, where we discussed digitalization & the future of IT services with Low/No-Code. 

Sustainability & CSR Activities

Infopulse corporate social responsibility calendar was really hot in Q2, 2023. Our flagship initiative "Shoulder-to-shoulder" collected almost $10k in Q2 from the community, and Infopulse also donated $10k on its behalf to support our mobilized specialists.

Infopulse also supported women warriors, providing $5k for the production of anatomically correct uniforms; $10k was donated to the Mobile Hospital for mending artificial respiration apparatus; and $10k was collected for the Ukrainian firefighters on the rescue mission in Kherson.  

The humanitarian aspect was also in high focus – we took part in international events in honor of Earth Day, participated in the annual Chestnut Run, World Blood Donor Day, collected funds for the ‘STEM for Girls’ educational initiative, and donated laptops & furniture both from Infopulse and our long-term partner BICS for Ukrainian children. Thus, once again we demonstrated our commitment to environmental sustainability, health, education, and community welfare.


As Infopulse continues to achieve remarkable milestones and drive innovation in 2023, we look forward to the upcoming quarter with renewed energy and determination to create transformative solutions for our clients.

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