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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Take advantage of the cutting-edge approach to enterprise security, facilitated by Infopulse experience and expertise in the domain.

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Establish 24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Maintain your business continuity with Infopulse Security Operations Center. Our security team is always on guard to swiftly react to any incident and minimize downtimes.

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Introduce Proactive Threat Detection

Be one step ahead of the cybercriminals with a proactive approach to security. Infopulse SOC serves as the heart of your enterprise security, identifying potential threats and eliminating long-term risks.

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Counter More Sophisticated Attacks

Adopt the latest advances in cybersecurity with Infopulse’s managed SOC services. An established SOC equips you against the most elaborate ransomware and prevents it from bypassing security systems. 

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Optimize Resources

Entrust your SOC to an experienced provider to save time, money, and human resources. Delegating routine operations unburdens your in-house team and allows them to concentrate on business-critical tasks.

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Strengthen Security with Seasoned Experts

Get a dedicated security team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Infopulse Security Operations Center doubles the value of your already implemented security tools and solutions.

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Gain IT Infrastructure Visibility

Introduce SOC Continuous Monitoring to get a comprehensive view of your hardware and software assets as well as their security posture – at any moment.

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Customize SOC to Your Needs

Build a solid security improvement strategy leveraging SOC managed services The extensive functionality of SOC can be tailored to meet industry-specific requirements or best fit your current needs.  

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Ensure Data Compliance

Enable advanced data security with Infopulse. A SOC is responsible for data and regulatory compliance, providing the required level of protection for sensitive data and establishing trust towards your business.

What We Do

Microsoft Sentinel implementation and administration
  • Microsoft Sentinel implementation and administration
  • Architecture design
  • Consumption and cost optimization
  • Defining business needs and custom use cases
  • Сustom parsing rules for non-standard services
  • Deployment of automated incident handling
Log management
  • Assessment and optimization of client’s logging policies
  • Extensive log collection with out-of-the-box and custom connectors
  • Optimization of geographically distributed log collection
Security monitoring 
  • Detection and protection from zero-day attacks
  • Extended malware protection
  • Vulnerability scanning as a service or integration with third-party solutions
  • Extended identity protection and data leakage monitoring
  • Monitoring of high-privileged user actions
  • Security baseline monitoring
Incident investigation and response 
  • Event enrichment
  • Threat monitoring
  • Custom SOC runbooks
  • Automated incident response to common events
  • Integration with a vast number of devices, infrastructure components, or business systems
Security posture visibility and reporting
  • SIEM dashboard
  • SOC reports
  • Status meetings
  • Operational reporting
  • Compliance reporting
SOC L1/L2/L3 team
  • Up to 24x7 availability
  • SLA-based service
  • Extended security domains competence profiles
  • Event monitoring, incident investigation, reporting, and handling guidance


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