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Reduce the complexity of managing security operations with the implementation of SIEM & SOAR solutions.

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Facilitate Security Operations

Equip your security analysts with top-notch security operation tools. With a single console to manage and advanced alert rules, your security officers will always know where and when to react.

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Minimize Cyberattack Impact

Eliminate potential unforeseen consequences of an incident with almost immediate response to the threat. SOAR technology significantly cuts down the time needed to detect and react, defending your assets and business reputation.

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Improve Threat Detection and Security Alerting

Leverage your security data with a SIEM tool. Its extensive capabilities in data analytics and security data enrichment enable more accurate threats detection, identifying, and alerting.

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Reduce Manual Operations

Automate mundane, repetitive tasks to unburden your security specialists. Fine-tuned SOAR helps maintain a high level of security while your security officers can turn to more challenging problems.

What We Do

  • Solution architecture development
  • Solution maintenance
  • Governance
  • Solution assessment
  • Correlation rule configuration
  • Security data normalization
  • Dashboard implementation
  • Performance review
  • Data enrichment
  • Connector development
  • Log source management
  • SIEM & SOAR integration consulting
  • Development of the automated incident response playbook
  • Automation use case development
  • Connector development
  • SIEM & SOAR integration consulting
  • Incident enrichment automation
  • Performance & license optimization
  • Solution maintenance

Service Categories

Solution Selection Consulting 

Enhance your security landscape with the most suitable SIEM/SOAR software. Empowered with years of relevant experience, our cybersecurity experts help you determine your business needs, advising on the solution that will meet those needs and fit into your present infrastructure. We help you choose between cloud or on-premises deployment, as well as select among the platforms from Microsoft, IBM, or other vendors.

Architecture Design

Have your solution developed in accordance with your needs. Our team provides you with the architecture that meets business objectives and aligns with your midterm transformation strategy. The architecture design covers integration with other systems, disaster recovery, as well as describing requirements of the existing infrastructure, its current capacity, and more.    

Solution Implementation

Facilitate SIEM or SOAR technology implementation by delegating it to a team of professionals. Infopulse security specialists introduce SIEM and SOAR systems to your security infrastructure guided by industry best practices, required security protocols, and technical specifications of your infrastructure.

Performance Optimization

Achieve more with the same SIEM/SOAR tools you already have. Our experts help you reconsider solution architecture, streamline data gathering, eliminate IOPS bottlenecks, optimize storage and infrastructure to boost the overall performance.

Cost Optimization

Revise your resource usage and save costs on SIEM software without losing efficiency.

  • We help eliminate redundant security events that do not contribute to efficient incident detection and threat hunting.
  • We employ our own optimization model to reduce log usage by a SIEM system by up to 50 times.

Delegate cumbersome everyday maintenance of SIEM software or SOAR programs to Infopulse. Our specialists make sure that your security tools work perfectly thanks to the ongoing support, thorough administration, regular updates, and other operational activities.  

Solution Improvement

Boost your existing SIEM and SOAR cybersecurity solutions with regular upgrades and improvements. Infopulse SIEM/SOAR services provide you with the capability to continuously improve and fine-tune the existing setup to keep up with the emerging security threats.

New Asset Integration

Extend the capabilities of your SIEM tool or SOAR software to every asset in your infrastructure. Our security team seamlessly integrates new systems per your request to enable full-scale visibility, monitoring, incident response, and protection.

Rule Development

Adjust SIEM and SOAR technology to your needs. With custom-configured rules for threat detection and incident response automation, no threat remains unnoticed. Our expertise allows developing custom rules of any complexity to handle credible threats.


Reimagine your approach to security with new, modern SIEM and SOAR software. Infopulse facilitates your adoption of new solutions without disrupting your security perimeter. We conduct seamless migration from on-premises to the cloud, from one system to another, or enable a side-by-side configuration of legacy and cloud solutions. 


Validate your current security landscape with an all-around audit from Infopulse. From security processes and technologies to threat detection and investigation – we provide you with an in-depth report of the system performance and efficiency.

Data Visualization

Employ visual dashboards to spot abnormalities and potential issues faster via real-time and historic data analytics. Extensive data visualization helps you better navigate through data streams, ensuring an insightful view of the gathered security information.


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